ICANN Resolutions

For each Board resolution ICANN provides basic information, including when it was approved, what it's about, and the status and details of the resulting implementation actions. Additional information and links to related resolutions are also provided, enabling users to research Board resolutions, track implementation of every Board action, and quickly find more information on topics of interest addressed by the Board.

Important note: The Board Resolutions are as reported in the Board Meeting Transcripts, Minutes & Resolutions portion of ICANN's website. Only the words contained in the Resolutions themselves represent the official acts of the Board. The explanatory text provided through this database (including the summary, implementation actions, identification of related resolutions, and additional information) is an interpretation or an explanation that has no official authority and does not represent the purpose behind the Board actions, nor does any explanations or interpretations modify or override the Resolutions themselves. Resolutions can only be modified through further act of the ICANN Board.

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Datesort descending Resolution Title Category Status Resolution Number Topic Summary
10 Mar 2000 2000-03-10 - INDEPENDENT REVIEW POLICY Board Complete 00.20, 00.21 Independent Review Policy

Board adopts the Independent Review Policy submitted by the Advisory Committee on Independent Review and directs the President and staff to implement the Review Policy and form the Nominating Committee.

10 Mar 2000 2000-03-10 - INFORMATION FROM WIPO gTLDs Complete 00.17 Information from WIPO

Board notes that WIPO list of globally famous trademarks would be helpful to expansion of TLD space.

10 Mar 2000 2000-03-10 - At Large Membership ICANN Structures Complete 00.18 At Large Membership

Board directs the staff to propose and post for review amendments to Article II of the bylaws to establish procedures for nomination and selection of the At Large Membership and to initiate a comprehensive study of the At Large Membership process and structure.

10 Mar 2000 2000-03-10 - MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING WITH IETF International Agreements Complete 00.24 Memorandum of Understanding with IETF

Board ratifies Memorandum of Understanding with the Internet Engineering Task Force.

10 Mar 2000 2000-03-10 - AUDIT COMMITTEE CHARTER Board Complete 00.23 Audit Committee Charter

Board adopts Audit Committee Charter.

10 Mar 2000 2000-03-10 - CEO Search Administration and Budget Complete 00.22 CEO Search

Board authorizes ICANN CEO to negotiate contract with search firm not to exceed allotted amount, adopts proposed Audit Committee Charter, and ratifies Memorandum of Understanding.

10 Mar 2000 2000-03-10 - New Top-Level Domains gTLDs Complete none assigned introduction of new generic top-level domains, new gTLDs, Names Council

Board seeks community, Names Council and Staff recommendations on topic of new generic top-level domains - taking into account protection of globally famous trademarks.

10 Mar 2000 2000-03-10 - BYLAW AMENDMENT- TERMS OF ORIGINAL SUPPORTING ORGANIZATION DIRECTORS Board Complete 00.19 Bylaw Amendment - Terms of Original Supporting Organization

Board amends the Corporation's bylaws to allow the Supporting Organization Council to vote to revise its designation of which person shall serve which term.

10 Mar 2000 2000-03-10 - RATIFICATION OF PAYMENTS Administration and Budget Complete 00.25 Ratification of Payments

Board ratifies and approves President's actions in making payments for legal services.

10 Mar 2000 2000-03-10 - ccTLD ADMINISTRATION AND DELEGATION POLICIES ccTLDs Complete 00.13 ccTLD Administration and Delegation Policies

Board resolves that the President and Staff are to work with interested parties to draft language for the rights and responsibilities of the various parties in ccTLD agreements.

06 Apr 2000 2000-04-06 - Approval of Minutes Board Complete 00.27 Board Minutes

Board approved minutes for January 12, 2000 Board meeting.

06 Apr 2000 2000-04-06 - Check Authorization Administration and Budget Complete 00.28 Check Authorization

Board authorizes President to disburse funds to pay for legal services.

04 May 2000 2000-05-04 - Approval of Minutes Board Complete 00.29 Board Minutes

Board approved minutes for February 10, March 10, and April 6, 2000 Board meetings.

04 May 2000 2000-05-04 - Recommendation of the Reconsideration Committee Board Complete 00.30 Recommendation of the Reconsideration Committee

Board denies the request for reconsideration submitted by Karl Auerbach.

04 May 2000 2000-05-04 - Temporary Nominating and Election Committees for At-Large Director Selection Board Complete 00.31, 00.32, 00.33 Temporary Nominating and Election Committees for At-Large Director Selection

Board establishes and appoints members to: (1) a temporary Nominating Committee to select five At-Large Directors; and (2) a temporary Election Committee; both to be dissolved as soon as they have carried out their functions.

06 Jun 2000 2000-06-06 - At-Large Self-Nomination Procedures Board Complete 00.43, 00.44, 00.45 At-Large Self-Nomination Procedures

Board approves Staff's proposed rules regarding timing of self-nomination phase, data elements to be submitted, and posting of candidate information on ICANN website; extends period for public review and comment on proposed rules; and tentatively sets new At Large membership applications deadline to 31 July.

06 Jun 2000 2000-06-06 - Disbursement and Check Signing Authority Administration and Budget Complete 00.35, 00.36, 00.37, 00.38, 00.39 Disbursement and Check Signing Authority

Board authorizes key officers to authorize disbursements of the Corporation's funds and sign checks within specified parameters.

06 Jun 2000 2000-06-06 - Recommendations of the Reconsideration Committee Board Complete 00.34 Recommendations of the Reconsideration Committee

Board adopts the Reconsideration Committee's Recommendations RC 99-1, 00-4, and 00-5 and directs the staff to post proposed bylaw changes regarding RC 00-4 for public comment and review.

06 Jun 2000 2000-06-06 - 2000-2001 Budget Administration and Budget Complete 00.40, 00.41, 00.42 2000-2001 Budget

Board approves Fiscal Year 2000-2001 Proposed Budget, and directs President to present to the Board a report analyzing the fiscal year-end financial results of the corporation as of June 30, 2000 and to make recommendations for any budgetary revisions.

16 Jul 2000 2000-07-16 - Root-Server System Enhancement Root Zone Complete 00.58, 00.59, 00.60, 00.61, 00.62, 00.63 Root-Server System Enhancement

Board adopts the Root Server System Advisory Committee recommendations and directs President and staff to prepare and submit a proposal to the U.S. Department of Commerce to enhance the current root-server-system architecture.

16 Jul 2000 2000-07-16 - Authorization to Contract with Voting System Vendor Board Complete 00.65 Authorization to Contract with Voting System Vendor

Board authorizes President to enter contract with vendor of online voting systems.

16 Jul 2000 2000-07-16 - Sublease for Additional Office Space Administration and Budget Complete 00.54, 00.55 Additional Office Space

Board authorizes President to enter into an addendum to ICANN's lease for its present office space to inculde additional office space.

16 Jul 2000 2000-07-16 - Bylaws on Membership ICANN Structures Complete 00.52 Approving bylaws on At Large membership

Board approves the amendments to Article II of the bylaws regarding the structure and form of the At Large membership and election process.

16 Jul 2000 2000-07-16 - Bylaws on Minutes Administration and Budget Complete 00.53 Amended bylaws on minutes

Board approves amended bylaws regarding making meeting minutes available to the public promptly.

16 Jul 2000 2000-07-16 - Definition of ICANN's Geographic Regions ICANN Structures Complete 00.64 Definition of ICANN's Geographic Regions

Board directs Staff to assign countries to geographic regions on the basis of the United Nations Statistics Division's current classifications.

16 Jul 2000 2000-07-16 - Appointment of Auditors Administration and Budget Complete 00.56, 00.57 Appointment of Auditors for financial audit

Appointed KPMG, LLP, to conduct the annual financial audit.

16 Jul 2000 2000-07-16 - New Top-Level Domains gTLDs Complete 00.46, 00.47, 00.48, 00.49, 00.50, 00.51 New gTLDs

Board adopts the DNSO Council's recommendation on the introduction of new TLDs and authorized the implementation of the new TLD program.

16 Jul 2000 2000-07-16 - At Large Director Selection Plan Board Complete 00.66, 00.67, 00.68 At Large Director Selection Plan

Board endorses Election Committee's recommended selection process for Year 2000 "At Large" Director with clarifications regarding voting; Board directs President to appoint individuals to monitor election process.

30 Aug 2000 2000-08-30 - Agreements with United States Government International Agreements Complete 00.71 Agreements with United States Government

Board authorizes the President to enter into Amendment 2 to the ICANN-U.S. Memorandum of Understanding, Amendment 1 to the Cooperative Research and Development Agreement, and a modification to the purchase order for the IANA function.

30 Aug 2000 2000-08-30 - Approval of Minutes Board Complete 00.73 Board Minutes

Board approved minutes for 11 December 2008 Board meeting.

30 Aug 2000 2000-08-30 - Payment for Legal Services Administration and Budget Complete 00.72 Payment for Legal Services

Board authorizes President to pay legal services invoice.

25 Sep 2000 2000-09-25 - Delegation of ccTLDs ccTLDs Complete 00.74, 00.75 Delegation of ccTLDs

Board resolves that the IANA staff is advised that alpha-2 codes not on the ISO 3166-1 list are only delegable in certain circumstances for applications that need a coded representation in the name of the country, territory, or area involved; and resolves that the delegation of additional ccTLDs will only be established upon Board approval of stable and appropriate agreements between ICANN and the ccTLDs.

25 Sep 2000 2000-09-25 - Multilingual Domain Names gTLDs Complete 00.77, 00.78, 00.79, 00.80 Multilingual Domain Name Testbed

Board calls on VeriSign to consult with IETF and IAB to promote technical standardization of testbeds and to conduct the testbed in compliance with agreements with ICANN; urges registrars to protect interests and expectations of domain-name holders and affected third parties in handing registrations within the testbed; and directs President and staff to investigate and report whether addenda to agreements with VeriSign are required to facilitate desired testbed standardization.

25 Sep 2000 2000-09-25 - Amendment to ASO MOU ICANN Structures Complete 00.76 Amendment to ASO MOU

Board authorizes the President to amend the ASO MOU to align the terms of the new members of the Address Council.

17 Oct 2000 2000-10-17 - Approval of Minutes Board Complete 00.81 Board Minutes

Board approved minutes for 16 July and 30 August 2000 Board meetings.

16 Nov 2000 2000-11-16 - Selection of New TLD Proposals for Negotiation gTLDs Complete 00.89, 00.90, 00.91 Selection of New TLD Proposals for Negotiation

Board selects seven new TLD proposals: JVTeam (.biz), Afilias (.info), Global Name Registry (.name), RegistryPro (.pro), Museum Domain Management Association (.museum), Société Internationale de Télécommunications Aéronautiques (.aero), and Cooperative League of the USA dba National Cooperative Business Association (.coop).

16 Nov 2000 2000-11-16 - Organizational Meeting Administration and Budget Complete 00.93, 00.94, 00.95 Organizational meeting

Board affirms the elections from the organizational meeting of the Chairman and Vice-Chairman of the Board, as well as the Executive Committee.

16 Nov 2000 2000-11-16 - Election of Officers Board Complete 00.86, 00.87, 00.88 Election of Officers

Board elects Michael M. Roberts as President and CEO; Louis Touton as Vice President, General Counsel, and Secretary; and Andrew McLaughlin as CFO.

13 Dec 2000 2000-12-13 - Finance Committee Board Complete 00.96, 00.97 Finance Committee

Board designates a Finance Committee and appointes chairs and members to the Finance Committee.

06 Jan 2001 2001-01-06 - InterNIC License and Services Administration and Budget Complete EC01.2, EC01.3 InterNIC License and Services

Board authorizes the President and Vice President to enter into a license with the U.S. Department of Commerce for the InterNIC service mark in substantially the form presented to the Executive Committee, and authorizes the President to take appropriate steps to provide or arrange for the provision of InterNIC services as contemplated by the license.