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Thank You to Fadi Chehadé for his service as President and Chief Executive Officer and member of the ICANN Board of Directors

Resolution of the ICANN Board
Thank you to Fadi Chehade

Thank you to Fadi Chehade for his service as ICANN CEO

Meeting Date: 
Tue, 19 Apr 2016
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Resolution Text: 

Whereas, Fadi Chehadé was elected by the ICANN Board as ICANN's President and Chief Executive Officer effective 14 September 2012.

Whereas, Fadi concluded his term as President and Chief Executive Officer and member of the Board of Directors on 15 March 2016.

Whereas, under Fadi's leadership ICANN made significant progress on strategic objectives, including affirming ICANN's purpose, ICANN's globalization, raising ICANN's level of operational excellence, and supporting the evolution of the multistakeholder model to a more effective tool to achieve stakeholder-led governance solutions.

Whereas, the progress Fadi drove included the strengthening of ICANN's organizational functions to support the implementation of the New gTLD Program, leading to the introduction of the first new registries under this Program into the root zone of the DNS in February 2014.

Whereas, during Fadi's term as the Chief Executive Officer, important steps were taken to bring ICANN to the world, globalizing the organization by creating ICANN's operational hubs in Singapore and Istanbul, Turkey as well as developing engagement centers across the globe. These steps toward globalization disperse ICANN's operational work across regions and time zones, and facilitates broader engagement with the global internet community.

Whereas, Fadi led ICANN through its efforts to respond to National Telecommunications and Information Administration's (NTIA) announcement of its intention to transition the stewardship of the IANA functions to the global multistakeholder community. Under Fadi's leadership, ICANN supported both the global dialogue to develop a transition proposal, as well as the community's discussion on enhancing ICANN accountability, culminating with ICANN's 10 March 2016 delivery to NTIA the community drafted proposals on both of those items.

Whereas, during his term as CEO, Fadi served as a member of the ICANN Board as well as a:

Member of the Board Executive Committee
Member of the New gTLD Program Committee
Resolved (2016.04.19.02), Fadi has earned the deep appreciation of the Board for his term of service as President and CEO and a member of the Board of Directors, and the Board wishes Fadi well in all future endeavors.

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