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Thank You to Community and Org for ICANN67

Resolution of the ICANN Board
Meeting Date: 
Thu, 12 Mar 2020
Resolution Number: 
2020.03.12.14 - 2020.03.12.18
Resolution Text: 

Resolved (2020.03.12.14), the ICANN Board thanks everyone across the ICANN ecosystem for their efforts in making ICANN67 a successful virtual meeting.

Resolved(2020.03.12.15), the ICANN Board sends it thanks to the ICANN Community for your flexibility and leadership in addressing the quick move to a virtual meeting. We understand that this posed technical and time zone issues to those accustomed to physically attending ICANN meetings, and disrupted travel and business plans. We acknowledge that for working groups, review teams and committees counting on face-to-face interactions to further their efforts, this meeting change poses challenges to how your work is furthered, and we note your work in quickly exploring alternatives. We also thank you for your coordination with the ICANN org in reorganizing the public meeting schedule. The Board notes that we too feel the loss of the hallway conversation and informal gatherings that is so much of our ICANN Community atmosphere, and look forward to joining all of you together as soon as we responsibly can.

Resolved (2020.03.12.16), the Board thanks the ICANN org team for their efforts in executing this virtual meeting. From the technical work to support the move to virtual, to the coordination efforts on schedule planning, to the facilities team in Los Angeles keeping the site running, and more, we understand that each of you played a vital role in the success of ICANN67. We join the ICANN Community in thanking each of the ICANN org support teams that work with the Supporting Organizations, Advisory Committees, review teams, committees and other groups for all of your work in keeping agendas going and meetings running in this virtual mode.

Resolved (2020.03.12.17), the ICANN Board thanks the scribes and interpreters for ICANN67 for your efforts that contributed to the success of the meeting.

Resolved(2020.03.12.18), the ICANN Board once again thanks the local hosts and vendors that were hoping to welcome us to Cancún, Mexico for ICANN67, for your understanding and flexibility in the face of this global health pandemic. We look forward to joining you for ICANN70 as scheduled.