ICANN Resolutions

For each Board resolution ICANN provides basic information, including when it was approved, what it's about, and the status and details of the resulting implementation actions. Additional information and links to related resolutions are also provided, enabling users to research Board resolutions, track implementation of every Board action, and quickly find more information on topics of interest addressed by the Board.

Important note: The Board Resolutions are as reported in the Board Meeting Transcripts, Minutes & Resolutions portion of ICANN's website. Only the words contained in the Resolutions themselves represent the official acts of the Board. The explanatory text provided through this database (including the summary, implementation actions, identification of related resolutions, and additional information) is an interpretation or an explanation that has no official authority and does not represent the purpose behind the Board actions, nor does any explanations or interpretations modify or override the Resolutions themselves. Resolutions can only be modified through further act of the ICANN Board.

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Date Resolution Titlesort descending Category Status Resolution Number Topic Summary
31 Oct 2002 2002-10-31 - Privacy Working Group gTLDs Complete 02.130 Creation of an Advisory Committee on Privacy

Board requests that the Chairman of the Board form a working group of directors to investigate the possible role of an advisory committee on privacy and pursue its creation as necessary.

31 Oct 2002 2002-10-31 - Wait-Listing Service gTLDs Complete 02.124 WLS Reconsideration Request

Board refers correspondence from VeriSign, requesting reconsideration of 3 conditions in Resolution 02.100, to Reconsideration Committee.

18 Nov 2002 2002-11-18 - Approval of Minutes Board Complete 02.135 Board Minutes

Board approved minutes for 14 October 2002 Board meeting.

02 Dec 2002 2002-12-02 - Amendment to .name Registry Agreement gTLDs Complete 02.142 Amendment to .NAME Registry Agreement

Board authorizes amendment to .NAME registry agreement to implement revised Whois requirements.

02 Dec 2002 2002-12-02 - Amendment to .pro Registry Agreement gTLDs Complete 02.143 Amendment to .PRO Registry Agreement

Board authorizes amendment to the .PRO registry agreement to implement defensive registration product offerings.

15 Dec 2002 2002-12-15 - Adoption of Transition Article Administration and Budget Complete 02.147 Adoption of Transition Article

Board adopts Transition Article effective 15 December 2002.

15 Dec 2002 2002-12-15 - Amendment of New Bylaws Administration and Budget Complete 02.146 Amendment of New Bylaws

Board amends the New Bylaws as specified in the attached Appendix.

15 Dec 2002 2002-12-15 - Continuation of Evolution and Reform Committee Board Complete 02.148 Evolution and Reform Committee

Board continues the term of the Evolution and Reform Committee as specified.

15 Dec 2002 2002-12-15 - December 2003 and November-December 2004 Meetings Administration and Budget Complete 02.154, 02.155 Authorization for ICANN meeting

Board authorizes November/December 2004 meeting in South Africa and directs arrangements for December 2003 meeting in Carthage.

15 Dec 2002 2002-12-15 - gTLD Action Plan gTLDs Complete 02.150, 02.151, 02.152 gTLD Action Plan

Board authorizes President to implement NTEPPTF recommendations in Action Plan, requests GNSO to provide recommendation on structure of generic tol level namespace, and directs President to develop draft Request for Proposals.

15 Dec 2002 2002-12-15 - IDN Committee Board Complete 02.153 IDN Committee extension

Board continues IDN Committee until AGM 2004 or completion of work.

15 Dec 2002 2002-12-15 - Organizational Meeting of the Transition Board Administration and Budget Complete 02.163, 02.164 Transition Board

Board elects Louis Touton as Vice President, General Counsel, and Secretary of the Corporation, and Diane Schroeder as Chief Financial Officer.

15 Dec 2002 2002-12-15 - Transition Implementation Administration and Budget Complete 02.149 Transition Implementation

Board authorizes President to spend reserves to assist in implementation of the Evolution and Reform Plan.

20 Jan 2003 2003-01-20 - Approval of Minutes Board Complete 03.01, 03.02, 03.03 Board Minutes

Board approved minutes for 15 December 2002, 18 November 2002 and 2 December 2002 board meetings.

20 Jan 2003 2003-01-20 - Audit Committee ICANN Structures Complete 03.05 Audit Committee

Board continues the Audit Committee on the basis of the Charter.

20 Jan 2003 2003-01-20 - Carthage Meeting Administration and Budget Complete 03.04 ICANN Meeting Authorization

Board authorizes 2003 ICANN meeting in Carthage.

20 Jan 2003 2003-01-20 - Conflict of Interest Committee ICANN Structures Complete 03.06 Board Committee on Conflicts of Interest

Board continues Committee of the Board of Directors on Conflicts of Interest; appoints chair and members to committee.

20 Jan 2003 2003-01-20 - Interim At-Large Advisory Committee ICANN Structures Complete 03.07 Interim At Large Advisory Committee

Board selects ten individuals to serve on the Interim At Large Advisory Committee.

20 Jan 2003 2003-01-20 - Nominating Committee ICANN Structures Complete 03.08, 03.09, 03.10 Nominating Committee

Board appoints Linda Wilson as Chair of the first NomCom, authorizes Chair to appoint a Vice-Chair, and directs ICANN Staff to provide support to the NomCom, as appropriate.

25 Feb 2003 2003-02-25 - ALAC Start-Up Funding ICANN Structures Complete 03.14, 03.15 ALAC Start-Up Funding

Board increases the level of authorized spending for implementing reform to cover the cost of ALAC's budget request.

25 Feb 2003 2003-02-25 - Amendments to Bylaws Administration and Budget Complete 03.16 Amendments to Bylaws

Board approves amendments to the bylaws for technical corrections and minor modifications.

25 Feb 2003 2003-02-25 - Approval of Minutes Board Complete 03.11, 03.12, 03.13 Board Minutes

Board approved minutes for 20 January 2003, 23 January 2003 and 4 February 2003 Board meetings.

25 Feb 2003 2003-02-25 - Redemption and ConsoliDate Services in .com and .net gTLDs Complete 03.17 Amendments to .COM and .NET Agreements

Board authorizes amendments to .COM and .NET registry agreements to implement Redemption Grace Period and ConsoliDate services.

12 Mar 2003 2003-03-12 - Academic Organization Delegate to Nominating Committee ICANN Structures Complete 03.18, 03.19, 03.20 Nominating Committee

Board designates Higher Education Committee for Nominating Committee Recommendations to select one NomCom delegate, requests Higher Education Committee solicit suggestions from broad variety of organizations, and plans to reconsider designation of Higher Education Committee at 2003 annual meeting.

12 Mar 2003 2003-03-12 - Board Governance Committee Board Complete 03.23, 03.24, 03.25 Board Governance Committee

Board establishes Board Governance Committee and appoints members and chair.

12 Mar 2003 2003-03-12 - ccTLD Delegate to Nominating Committee ICANN Structures Complete 03.21 Nominating Committee

Board appoints Anthony Staley as the ccTLD delegate to the NomCom.

12 Mar 2003 2003-03-12 - Letter from WIPO gTLDs Complete 03.22 Letter from WIPO

Board believes GNSO should initiate policy-development process concerning issues in WIPO letter, but requests ICANN first solicit comments from Supporting Organizations and Advisory Committees.

18 Mar 2003 2003-03-18 - Amendments to Bylaws Administration and Budget Complete 03.31, 03.32 Amendments to bylaws

Board adopts proposed amendments to the bylaws concerning ineligibilty of Nominating Committee members for selection to certain ICANN positions and ineligibility of members of Supporting Organization Councils to serve on the Board.

18 Mar 2003 2003-03-18 - ccTLD Agreement for .tw ccTLDs, International Agreements Complete 03.33, 03.34 ccTLD Agreement for .tw (Taiwan)

Board authorizes the President to enter into the .tw ccTLD Sponsorship Agreement on behalf of ICANN.

18 Mar 2003 2003-03-18 - New CEO ICANN Structures Complete 03.26, 03.27, 03.28, 03.29, 03.30 New CEO

Board elects Paul Twomey as President and Chief Executive Officer; authorizes current President and Chief Executive Officer to enter on behalf of the Corporation into an Managerial and Consulting Services Agreement and a Confidentiality, Works, and Invention Agreement; expresses its thanks to Christopher Mill & Partners, to the members of the Executive Search Committee, and to others for the successful search.

27 Mar 2003 2003-03-27 - 2004 ICANN Meetings Administration and Budget Complete 3.36, 3.37, 3.38 Authorization of ICANN meetings

Board authorizes 2004 ICANN meetings.

27 Mar 2003 2003-03-27 - Board Governance Committee ICANN Structures Complete 03.44, 03.45 Board Governance Committee

Board adopts Board Governance Committee charter and appoints board member.

27 Mar 2003 2003-03-27 - Check-Signing Authority Administration and Budget Complete 03.50, 03.51, 03.52, 03.53 Check-signing Authority

Board authorizes key officers to authorize disbursements of the Corporation's funds and sign checks within specified parameters.

27 Mar 2003 2003-03-27 - Delegation of Authority to Notify GAC Chair of Policies Being Considered ICANN Structures Complete 03.43 Delegation of Authority to Notify GAC Chair of Policies Being Considered

Board delegates to President authority to give notice by Board to Chair of Governmental Advisory Committee.

27 Mar 2003 2003-03-27 - GNSO Recommendation on Whois Accuracy and Bulk Access gTLDs Complete 03.41, 03.42 Policies regarding Whois Accuracy and Bulk Access

Board approves four policy recommendations on Whois from the GNSO: 1) establishment of an annual Whois Data Reminder Policy, designed to improve Whois accuracy; 2) a Restored Names Accuracy Policy that applies when names have been deleted on the basis of submission of false contact data or non-response to registrar inquiries, also intended to improve Whois accuracy; 3) a prohibition against bulk access to Whois information for marketing purposes; and 4) additional prohibitions against resale or redistribution of bulk WHOIS data by data users.

27 Mar 2003 2003-03-27 - GNSO Recommendations on Transfers gTLDs Complete 03.39, 03.40 GNSO Recommendations on Transfers

Board resolves to notify the GAC of the GNSO Recommendations on Transfers and expresses its intent to adopt GNSO recommendations at its next meeting.

27 Mar 2003 2003-03-27 - Internationalized Domain Names ccTLDs, gTLDs Complete 03.47, 03.48, 03.49 Internationalized Domain Names

Board adopts IDN Guidelines, authorizes IDN registrations on the basis of the guidelines, and encourages additional community participation in implementation issues.

27 Mar 2003 2003-03-27 - President's Standing Committee on Privacy ICANN Structures Incomplete 03.35 President's Standing Committee on Privacy

Board resolves to appoint a President's Standing Committee on Privacy, to develop a charter, and to get Board approval.

27 Mar 2003 2003-03-27 - Security Committee Membership ICANN Structures Complete 03.46 Security and Stability Advisory Committee Membership

Board appoints Johan Ihren as a member of the Security and Stability Advisory Committee.

25 Apr 2003 2003-04-25 - Approval of Minutes Board Complete 03.59, 03.60, 03.61, 03.62, 03.63, 03.64, 03.65 Board Minutes

Board approved minutes for the 10 September 2001, 28 June 2002, 15 December 2002, 29 January 2003, 25 February 2003, 12 March 2003 and 18 March 2003 Board meetings.