ICANN Resolutions

For each Board resolution ICANN provides basic information, including when it was approved, what it's about, and the status and details of the resulting implementation actions. Additional information and links to related resolutions are also provided, enabling users to research Board resolutions, track implementation of every Board action, and quickly find more information on topics of interest addressed by the Board.

Important note: The Board Resolutions are as reported in the Board Meeting Transcripts, Minutes & Resolutions portion of ICANN's website. Only the words contained in the Resolutions themselves represent the official acts of the Board. The explanatory text provided through this database (including the summary, implementation actions, identification of related resolutions, and additional information) is an interpretation or an explanation that has no official authority and does not represent the purpose behind the Board actions, nor does any explanations or interpretations modify or override the Resolutions themselves. Resolutions can only be modified through further act of the ICANN Board.

Datesort ascending Resolution Title 类别 状态 Resolution Number Topic Summary
07 十一月 2008 2008-11-07 - Thanks to Steve Crocker ICANN Structures Complete 2008.11.07.12 Thanks for service

Board thanks Steve Crocker for service to ICANN.

07 十一月 2008 2008-11-07 - Single Letter Domains at the Second Level, including Proposed Contract Amendments for DotCoop and dotMobi gTLDs Complete 2008.11.07.02, 2008.11.07.03 Single-character domain name service

Board approves DotCoop and dotMobi amendments and authorizes the President and General Counsel to take such actions as appropriate to implement the amendments.

07 十一月 2008 2008-11-07 - Community-Wide Working Group to Review ICANN's Geographic Regions ICANN Structures Complete 2008.11.07.08, 2008.11.07.09 Review of ICANN's Geographic Regions

Board creates a cross-community working group to study ICANN's Geographic regions framework; invites community SOs and ACs to nominate members; and asks the working group to draft a charter for Board review and approval at its March 2009 meeting in Mexico City.

07 十一月 2008 2008-11-07 - Thanks to Susan Crawford Board Complete 2008.11.07.11 Thanks for service

Board thanks Susan Crawford for service to ICANN.

07 十一月 2008 2008-11-07 - Site of June 2009 Asia - Pacific Meeting Administration and Budget Complete 2008.11.07.05, 2008.11.07.06, 2008.11.07.07 Authorization of ICANN meeting

Board authorizes ICANN June 2009 meeting in Sydney and directs the exploration of adjusting regional rotation of meetings to hold the October 2009 meeting in Seoul, Korea.

07 十一月 2008 2008-11-07 - Confirmation of Officers of ICANN Administration and Budget Complete 2008.11.07.21, 2008.11.07.22, 2008.11.07.23, 2008.11.07.24, 2008.11.07.25, 2008.11.07.26 Officers of ICANN

Board elects Officers of ICANN.

07 十一月 2008 2008-11-07 - Approval of GNSO's Recommendations on Inter-Registrar Transfer Policy Clarifications gTLDs Complete 2008.11.07.04 Transfer Policy

Board amends the existing Consensus Policy on Domain Name Transfers to clarify reasons for denial of a transfer.

01 十月 2008 2008-10-01 - Process for Electing Council Leadership ICANN Structures Complete 2008.10.01.07 Election for GNSO Council Leadership

Board authorizes WG-GCR recommendations for GNSO Council election of Chair and individual House election of Vice-Chair.

01 十月 2008 2008-10-01 - De-Accredited Registrar Transition Procedure Administration and Budget Ongoing 2008.10.01.04 De-Accredited Registrar Transition Procedure

Board adopts the De-Accredited Registrar Transition Procedure to protect registrants by ensuring a timely transfer of domain names in the event of registrar de-accreditation.

01 十月 2008 2008-10-01 - Process for Filling Board Seats 13 and 14 ICANN Structures Complete 2008.10.01.08 GNSO Improvements

Board requests community input concerning the GNSO Council Restructuring Working Group's recommendation to elect Board Seats 13 and 14 by GNSO House.

01 十月 2008 2008-10-01 - Directors' Code of Conduct Board Complete 2008.10.01.02, 2008.10.01.03 Directors' Code of Conduct

Board adopts ICANN Directors' Code of Conduct that was posted for public comment from 15 July 2008 through 29 August 2008.

01 十月 2008 2008-10-01 - Single-Character Name Requests from DotCoop and dotMobi gTLDs Complete 2008.10.01.19 Single-Character Name Requests from DotCoop and dotMobi

Board defers action on the DotCoop and dotMobi proposed amendments pending a more thorough review of the results of the working group on allocation of Single-Character, Second Level-Domains (SC-SLDs) relating to the gTLD registries.

01 十月 2008 2008-10-01 - Financial Approval of Contractor Agreement for Multiple Language Algorithms relating to New gTLD Program Implementation gTLDs Complete 2008.10.01.05 Contract for String Similarity Algorithm

Board authorizes CEO, COO, and/or General Counsel to enter into agreement for algorithm-related services with SWORD for up to US$700,000.

01 十月 2008 2008-10-01 - Timing for Implementation of GNSO Improvements ICANN Structures Complete 2008.10.01.10, 2008.10.01.11, 2008.10.01.12, 2008.10.01.13, 2008.10.01.14, 2008.10.01.15 GNSO Improvements

Board approves a four phase implementation timeline for several critical GNSO Improvements initiatives; acknowledges a new "Notice of Intent to Form a New Constituency;" and directs Staff to develop a petition/charter template as well as a streamlined process to facilitate Board approval of new Constituencies. Further, Board reinforces principles in structuring Stakeholder Groups within the GNSO; directs Staff to develop a set of streamlined processes for formation of the four new Stakeholder Groups; and directs that plans for each group be submitted to the Board for consideration. Board requests community input on the appropriate role and representation of individual Internet users in the GNSO, including individual commercial and non-commercial Internet users.

01 十月 2008 2008-10-01 - GNSO Council Restructuring ICANN Structures Complete 2008.10.01.06 GNSO Council Restructuring

Board approves third Nominating Committee Appointee as non-voting GNSO Council member unaligned to either House.

01 十月 2008 2008-10-01 - Voting Thresholds for Council Decisions ICANN Structures Complete 2008.10.01.09 GNSO Council Voting Thresholds

Board approves the GNSO Council Voting Thresholds as recommended by the Working Group on GNSO Council Restructuring (WG-GCR).

01 十月 2008 2008-10-01 - IT Equipment Purchase Financial Approval Administration and Budget Complete 2008.10.01.16 IT Equipment Purchase

Board authorizes the Chief Financial Officer to purchase IT equipment within the specified parameters.

01 十月 2008 2008-10-01 - Approval of Minutes of 28 August 2008 Board Complete 2008-10-01-01 Board Minutes

Board approved minutes for 28 August 2008 Board meeting.

28 八月 2008 2008-08-28 - Board Governance Committee's Recommendation for selection of the next Nominating Committee Chair ICANN Structures Complete 2008.08.28.04 Nominating Committee

Board appoints Tricia Drakes as 2009 Nominating Committee Chair.

28 八月 2008 2008-08-28 - Nominating Committee's Recommendation for ICANN Bylaws Change regarding Criteria for Board Member Selection ICANN Structures Complete 2008.08.28.03 Nominating Committee

Board directs ICANN Staff to post revisions to the bylaws online for public comment, as recommended by the NomCom.

28 八月 2008 2008-08-28 - Ombudsman Budget for discussion ICANN Structures Complete 2008.08.28.02 Ombudsman Budget

Board approves Ombudsman's Budget (part of the overall ICANN Budget) for fiscal year 2008-2009 at $450,000.00.

28 八月 2008 2008-08-28 - Redelegation of .MS ccTLDs, International Agreements Complete 2008.08.28.01 Redelegation of .MS

Board approves the proposed redelegation of the .MS domain to MNI Networks Ltd.

31 七月 2008 2008-07-31 - ASN Global Policy for Autonomous System Numbers Internet Protocols Complete .2008, .2008 ASN Global Policy

Board ratifies the Global Addressing Policy Proposal on Autonomous System Numbers as a Global Policy and instructs ICANN Staff to implement its provisions.

31 七月 2008 2008-07-31 - BFC's Recommendation regarding the Mexico City Budget Approval Administration and Budget Complete 2008.___ Mexico City Budget

Board adopts the Board Finance Committee's recommendation to approve a budget within the specified parameters for the Mexico City global meeting.

31 七月 2008 2008-07-31 - BGC's Recommendation for academic appointment to Nominating Committee ICANN Structures Complete (___) Academic Appointment to Nominating Committee

Board appoints Jan Gruntorád as representative from the research and academia sector to the Nominating Committee.

31 七月 2008 2008-07-31 - GNSO Improvements Council Restructuring -- GNSO Working Group Response ICANN Structures Complete (___) GNSO Council Term Limits

Board accepts Working Group's report on new structure for GNSO Council, and directs ICANN Staff to analyze implementation of report prior to next meeting.

26 六月 2008 2008-06-26 - Selection of Mexico City for March 2009 ICANN Meeting Administration and Budget Complete 2008.06.26.15 Authorization of ICANN meeting

Board authorizes Mexico City for ICANN meeting in March 2009.

26 六月 2008 2008-06-26 - ICANN Board of Directors' Code of Conduct Board Complete 2008.06.26.09 Board of Directors' Code of Conduct

Board requests that ICANN Staff post the newly proposed Board's Code of Conduct for public comment.

26 六月 2008 2008-06-26 - Approval of PIR Request to Implement DNSSEC in .ORG gTLDs Complete 2008.06.26.08 DNSSEC Service in .ORG

Board approves the PIR proposal to implement DNSSEC in .ORG, with the understanding that PIR will continue to cooperate and consult with ICANN on details of the implementation; and authorizes the President and General Counsel to enter the associated amendment to the .ORG Registry Agreement and to take other actions to enable the deployment of DNSSEC in .ORG.

26 六月 2008 2008-06-26 - Thanks to Steve Conte Administration and Budget Complete 2008.06.26.18 Thanks for service

Board thanks Steve Conte for service to ICANN.

26 六月 2008 2008-06-26 - IDNC - IDN Fast-track ccTLDs Complete 2008.06.26.04, 2008.06.26.05 IDN ccTLD Fast Track

Board directs posting of IDNC Final Report, collaboration on implementation work, and a detailed implementation report.

26 六月 2008 2008-06-26 - Board Committee Assignment Revisions Board Complete 2008.06.26.12 Board Committee Assignments

Board makes Committee assignment revisions for Audit, Finance, and Reconsideration Committees.

26 六月 2008 2008-06-26 - Operating Plan and Budget for Fiscal Year 2008-2009 Administration and Budget Complete 2008.06.26.07 2008-2009 Budget

Board adopts the Fiscal Year 2008-2009 Operating Plan and Budget.

26 六月 2008 2008-06-26 - GNSO Recommendation on Domain Tasting gTLDs Complete 2008.06.26.06 GSNO Recommendation on Domain Tasting

Board adopts the GNSO policy recommendation on domain tasting, and directs staff to implement the policy following appropriate comment and notice periods.

26 六月 2008 2008-06-26 - Appointment of Independent Review Working Groups ICANN Structures Complete 2008.06.26.11 Independent Review Working Groups

Board establishes Board Independent Review Working Group, RSSAC Independent Review Working Group, and SSAC Independent Review Working Group.

26 六月 2008 2008-06-26 - Ratification of Selection of Consultant to Conduct Independent Review of the Board ICANN Structures Complete 2008.06.26.10 Board Review

Board approves BGC's recommendation of consultant to undertake independent review of the Board.

26 六月 2008 2008-06-26 - GNSO Recommendations on New gTLDs gTLDs Complete 2008.06.26.02, 2008.06.26.03 GNSO recommendations on New gTLDs

Board adopts GNSO policy recommendations on new gTLDs and directs staff to complete detailed implementation plan in consultation with the community, subject to final approval before the New gTLD Program is launched.

26 六月 2008 2008-06-26 - Approval of BGC Recommendations on GNSO Improvements ICANN Structures Complete 2008.06.26.13 GNSO Improvements

Board endorses BGC Working Group's GNSO Improvements Report, but commissions separate Working Group to make recommendations related to restructuring GNSO Council.

26 六月 2008 2008-06-26 - Receipt of Report of President's Strategy Committee Consultation ICANN Structures Complete 2008.06.26.14 Report of President's Strategy Committee Consultation

Board accepts President's Strategy Committee's report and directs ICANN staff to undertake the the public consultation recommended in the action plan.

26 六月 2008 2008-06-26 - ICANN At-Large Summit Proposal ICANN Structures Complete 2008.06.26.16, 2008.06.26.17 ICANN At-Large Summit Proposal

Board approves the proposal to hold an ICANN At-Large Summit as a one-time special event; directs ALAC to work with ICANN Staff to implement it; and notes it expects ALAC to look to more self-funding for At-Large travel in the FY10 plan.