ICANN Resolutions

For each Board resolution ICANN provides basic information, including when it was approved, what it's about, and the status and details of the resulting implementation actions. Additional information and links to related resolutions are also provided, enabling users to research Board resolutions, track implementation of every Board action, and quickly find more information on topics of interest addressed by the Board.

Important note: The Board Resolutions are as reported in the Board Meeting Transcripts, Minutes & Resolutions portion of ICANN's website. Only the words contained in the Resolutions themselves represent the official acts of the Board. The explanatory text provided through this database (including the summary, implementation actions, identification of related resolutions, and additional information) is an interpretation or an explanation that has no official authority and does not represent the purpose behind the Board actions, nor does any explanations or interpretations modify or override the Resolutions themselves. Resolutions can only be modified through further act of the ICANN Board.

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Date Resolution Titlesort descending Category Status Resolution Number Topic Summary
31 Oct 2003 2003-10-31 - New Generic TLDs gTLDs Incomplete 03.166, 03.167, 03.168 New GTLDs

Board calls for the development of a process and policy for streamlining the introduction of new gTLDs as specified in ICANNs MoU with the U.S. Department of Commerce.

31 Oct 2003 2003-10-31 - Response to GNSO Council Request to Maintain Three Representatives per Constituency ICANN Structures Complete 03.164, 03.165 GNSO Council, GNSO Review, Constituency representatives, DNSO, Names Council

Board proposes to change the transition article (Article XX) to allow three representatives per constituency on the GNSO Council until the end of the ICANN annual meeting 2004.

31 Oct 2003 2003-10-31 - Thanks to Masanobu Katoh Administration and Budget Complete 03.174 Thanks for service

Board thanks Masanobu Katoh for service to ICANN.

15 Jan 2004 2004-01-15 - By-Laws Changes Regarding Number of GNSO Council Representatives from Each Constituency ICANN Structures Complete 04.02 GNSO Review, GNSO Council, Constituency representatives

Board determines that the number of GNSO Council representatives that each official GNSO Constituency may appoint to the GNSO Council should remain at three (3) appointed by each Constituency until the 2004 Annual Meeting.

15 Jan 2004 2004-01-15 - ICANN Board Preliminary Agreement to Resolutions Regarding Belgian Business License Provisions Administration and Budget Complete (___) Preliminary Agreement to Resolution Regarding Belgian Business License

Board preliminarily agrees to resolutions establishing a branch office in Belgium, pending a review of financial arrangements.

15 Jan 2004 2004-01-15 - ICANN Board Resolutions Regarding Reimbursement of Directors Travel Expenses for Attending WSIS Administration and Budget Complete 04.03, 04.04 Travel Reimbursement

Board authorizes reimbursements for specified travel expenses.

18 Feb 2004 2004-02-18 - Approval of Registry-proposed IDN Testbed Migration Processes gTLDs Complete 04.15 IDN Testbed Migration Process

Board authorizes amendment to .COM, .NET, and .ORG registry agreements to implement proposed IDN testbed migration processes.

18 Feb 2004 2004-02-18 - Board Governance Committee Board Complete 04.16 Board Governance Committee

Board appoints members to the Board Governance Committee.

18 Feb 2004 2004-02-18 - Establishment of a Regional Office in Brussels Administration and Budget Complete 04.08, 04.09, 04.10, 04.11, 04.12, 04.13, 04.14 Establishment of a Regional Office in Belgium

Board unanimously resolves to open a branch office in Belgium.

18 Feb 2004 2004-02-18 - Request for Assignment of .pro Registry Agreement gTLDs Complete 04.17 Assignment of .PRO registry agreement

Board approves request to assign the .PRO registry agreement to a new party.

06 Mar 2004 2004-03-06 - .net Registry Agreement Expiration Date and Initial Procedure for Designating Successor Registry Operator gTLDs Complete 04.18 Successor Operator of .NET Registry

Board authorizes ICANN Staff to initiate search for successor operator of .NET registry in anticipation of registry agreement's expiration.

06 Mar 2004 2004-03-06 - Appointment of Nominating Committee Chair Administration and Budget Complete 04.20, 04.21 Appointment of 2004 Nominating Committee Chair

Board appoints Jean-Jacques Damlamian as chair of the 2004 Nominating Committee.

06 Mar 2004 2004-03-06 - Board Committee Appointments ICANN Structures Complete 04.22, 04.23 Board Committee Appointments

Board appoints members to Conflict of Interest Committee and requests that one additional member be appointed to the Reconsideration and Conflicts Committees.

06 Mar 2004 2004-03-06 - In Memory of Hans Kraaijenbrink Administration and Budget Complete 04.29 Thanks for service

Board mourns loss of former member Hans Kraaijenbrink.

06 Mar 2004 2004-03-06 - Recommendation from the Reconsideration Committee Regarding RC04 1 Board Ongoing 04.24 Recommendation from the Reconsideration Committee

Board adopts Reconsideration Committee's Recommendation RC 04-1, recommending that staff pay due attention to the Bylaws' transparency provisions and dedicate necessary resources to ensure compliance with the Bylaws' timelines.

06 Mar 2004 2004-03-06 - Thanks to Elisabeth Porteneuve Administration and Budget Complete 04.30 Thanks for service

Board thanks Elisabeth Porteneuve for service to ICANN.

06 Mar 2004 2004-03-06 - WLS Negotiations with VeriSign gTLDs Complete 04.19, 04.20, 04.21 Approval of WLS Negotiation Results

Board approves results of negotiations with VeriSign concerning provision of WLS, and authorizes ICANN Staff and General Counsel to enter amendments to registry agreements, upon approval by U.S. Department of Commerce.

19 Apr 2004 2004-04-19 - ccNSO Bylaws Clarifications ICANN Structures Complete 04.32 ccNSO Bylaws Clarifications

Board adopts amendments to Article IX, Section 4(2)(b), Section 10, and Section 11 of the Bylaws.

19 Apr 2004 2004-04-19 - Establishment of Independent Review Panel Board Complete 04.33, 04.34 Establishment of Independent Review Panel

Board authorizes the President and General Counsel to engage the services of the ICDR to provide independent review services and to solicit other independent arbitration service providers.

19 Apr 2004 2004-04-19 - Extension of Deadline for Delegation of .pro Nameservers gTLDs Complete 04.35 Extension of deadline for delegation of .PRO nameservers

Board authorizes amendment of .PRO registry agreement to extend timeframe for delegation of .PRO nameservers.

11 May 2004 2004-05-11 - Registrar Accreditation Policy gTLDs Overtaken By Events 04.40 Registrar Accreditation Policy Assessment

Board directs Staff to develop a recommendation for appointing an Expert Advisory Panel to gather facts and assess issues concerning the competitive registry-registrar marketplace and the Registrar Accreditation Policy.

25 May 2004 2004-05-25 - RSSAC Recommendation on IPv6 Nameserver Records Internet Protocols Complete 04.43 RSSAC IPv6 Recommendation

Board accepts the RSSAC Recommendation and directs President to submit draft procedures for public comment.

25 May 2004 2004-05-25 - SITA Domain Name Activation gTLDs Complete 04.44 Activation of domain names in .AERO

Board authorizes amendments to .AERO Agreement to implement planned population of second level.

29 Jun 2004 2004-06-29 - .org Registry Agreement - Change of Deletion Clause gTLDs Complete 04.47 Deletion clause in .ORG registry agreement

Board authorizes amendment of .ORG registry agreement to allow deletion of names based on user and system performance.

29 Jun 2004 2004-06-29 - Board Audit Committee's Approval of Engagement of Auditors Administration and Budget Complete 04.50 Audit Committee's approval of auditors for financial audit

Appoints KPMG, LLP, to conduct the annual financial audit.

29 Jun 2004 2004-06-29 - Board Finance Committee's Continuing Budget Resolution Administration and Budget Complete 04.49 Budget Resolution

Board authorizes President to implement activities of ICANN at substantially the same budget levels as previously approved and to inform the Board of material variances from the Budget.

29 Jun 2004 2004-06-29 - Provisional Redelegation of .ly ccTLDs Complete 04.48 Provisional Redelegation of .ly

Board authorizes the President to allow the provisional redelegation of the .ly domain (Libya) to GPTC and Mr. Marwan Maghur, until a full redelegation may be arranged.

29 Jun 2004 2004-06-29 - Reimbursement of Directors Travel Expenses Administration and Budget Complete 04.51, 04.52, 04.53, 04.54, 04.55 Travel Reimbursement

Board authorizes reimbursements for specified travel expenses.

29 Jun 2004 2004-06-29 - Transparent Procedure for Designating Successor Registry Operator gTLDs Complete 04.45, 04.46 Transparent Procedure for Designating Successor Registry Operator

Board approves procedure for designating a successor operator for .net registry and authorizes the President to post this procedure to the ICANN website and to initiate the process for designating a successor operator for the .net registry.

23 Jul 2004 2004-07-23 - Acknowledgement of AfriNIC Application ICANN Structures Complete 04.74, 04.75 Acknowledgement AfriNIC Application

Board enthusiastically anticipates receipt of AfriNIC's application to be recognised as an RIR.

23 Jul 2004 2004-07-23 - Board Committee Assignments Board Complete 04.58 Board Committee Assignments

Board confirms the membership of the Audit Committee, Board of Governance Committee, Conflicts of Interest Committee, Executive Committee, Finance Committee, Meetings Committee, and Reconsideration Committee.

23 Jul 2004 2004-07-23 - Congratulations on the Inaugural Meeting of the ccNSO Council ICANN Structures Complete 04.73 ccNSO

Board thanks and congratulates members for their first successful ccNSO Council meeting.

23 Jul 2004 2004-07-23 - Designation of Cape Town as the 2004 Annual Meeting Administration and Budget Complete 04.72 Designation of Annual Meeting

Designates the 5 December 2004 meeting in Cape Town, South Africa as the 2004 Annual Meeting for ICANN.

23 Jul 2004 2004-07-23 - Internationalized Domain Names ccTLDs, gTLDs Ongoing 04.68, 04.69, 04.70, 04.71 Internationalized Domain Names

Board directs staff to coordinate reporting on IDN implementation issues and experiences, and directs the establishment of a President's Advisory Committee on IDN.

23 Jul 2004 2004-07-23 - Registry-Registrar Request for Extension to Implement of Extensible Provisioning Protocol gTLDs Suspended 04.59 Extension for implementation of EPP

Board authorizes extension of EPP implementation deadlines for gTLD registries.

23 Jul 2004 2004-07-23 - SSAC Report on Redirection in the COM and NET Domains gTLDs Complete 04.63, 04.64, 04.65, 04.66 Redirection in .COM and .NET Domains

Board accepts the SSAC report, desires confirmation of standards on DNS wildcards, halts introduction of new wildcard applications in any TLDs until confirmation is received, and recommends changes to registry services be done in a deliberate fashion.

23 Jul 2004 2004-07-23 - WIPO II President's Working Group Recommendation gTLDs Complete 04.60, 04.61, 04.62 WIPO-2 Working Group's Recommendations

Board accepts WIPO-2 President's Working Group report, directs ICANN Staff to analyze report and advice from General Counsel on relationship between ICANN's mission and WIPO letter dated, and further directs ICANN Staff to produce recommendation to Board.

23 Jul 2004 2004-07-23 - World Summit on the Information Society International Agreements Complete 04.67 World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS)

Board acknowledges the value of providing relevant information to the UN Working Group and WSIS participants.

30 Sep 2004 2004-09-30 - AFRINIC Provisional Approval ICANN Structures Complete 04.82, 04.83 AfriNIC Provisional Approval

Board grants provisional approval of AFRINIC's application and transition plan.

30 Sep 2004 2004-09-30 - Authorization to Purchase Technical Equipment Administration and Budget Complete 04.81 Technical Equipment Purchase

Board authorizes President to appropriate funds to purchase technical equipment.