ICANN Resolutions

For each Board resolution ICANN provides basic information, including when it was approved, what it's about, and the status and details of the resulting implementation actions. Additional information and links to related resolutions are also provided, enabling users to research Board resolutions, track implementation of every Board action, and quickly find more information on topics of interest addressed by the Board.

Important note: The Board Resolutions are as reported in the Board Meeting Transcripts, Minutes & Resolutions portion of ICANN's website. Only the words contained in the Resolutions themselves represent the official acts of the Board. The explanatory text provided through this database (including the summary, implementation actions, identification of related resolutions, and additional information) is an interpretation or an explanation that has no official authority and does not represent the purpose behind the Board actions, nor does any explanations or interpretations modify or override the Resolutions themselves. Resolutions can only be modified through further act of the ICANN Board.

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Date Resolution Titlesort descending Category Status Resolution Number Topic Summary
04 Mar 1999 1999-03-04 - APPOINTMENTS TO BOARD CONFLICTS OF INTEREST COMMITTEE Board Complete 99.22 Board Committee Assignments

Board appoints chair and member to the Board Conflict of Interest Committee.

04 Mar 1999 1999-03-04 - APPOINTMENTS TO BOARD RECONSIDERATION COMMITTEE Board Complete 99.21 Appointments to Board Reconsideration Committee

Board appoints chair and members to the Board Reconsideration Committee.

04 Mar 1999 1999-03-04 - APPROVAL OF MINUTES Board Complete 99.23 Board Minutes

Board approved minutes for October 25, October 29, November 6, and November 21 of 1998, and for January 17 and February 9 of 1999 Board meetings.

04 Mar 1999 1999-03-04 - CONFLICTS OF INTEREST POLICY Board Complete 99.19 Conflicts of Interest Policy

Board approves the Conflicts of Interest Policy.

04 Mar 1999 1999-03-04 - DNSO FORMATION CONCEPTS ICANN Structures Complete 99.26 DNSO Concept

Board approves DNSO Formations concept.

04 Mar 1999 1999-03-04 - RECONSIDERATION POLICY Board Complete 99.20 Reconsideration Policy

Board adopts the Reconsideration Policy to implement Article III, Section 4(a) of the Bylaws.

04 Mar 1999 1999-03-04 - REGISTRAR ACCREDITATION POLICY gTLDs Complete 99.15, 99.16, 99.17, 99.18 RAA

Board approves and directs implementation of Registrar Accreditation Policy.

31 Mar 1999 1999-03-31 - ADVISORY COMMITTEE ON INDEPENDENT REVIEW ICANN Structures Complete 99.27 Advisory Committee on Independent Review

Board appoints members of the Advisory Committee on Independent Review.

31 Mar 1999 1999-03-31 - ESTABLISHING SUPPORTING ORGANIZATIONS ICANN Structures Complete 99.28, 99.29, 99.30 Supporting Organizations

Board approves Bylaw changes to create frameworks for three Supporting Organizations.

27 May 1999 1999-05-27 - AT-LARGE MEMBERSHIP STRUCTURE ICANN Structures Complete 99.48A, 99.48B, 99.48C At-Large Membership Structure

Board directs staff to report to the Board on implementation and legal implications of an election process responsive to the Membership Advisory Committee (MAC) report, and on a process for re-populating the MAC to provide additional advice.

27 May 1999 1999-05-27 - BYLAW CHANGES REGARDING GOVERNMENTAL ADVISORY COMMITTEE ICANN Structures Complete 99.40 GAC Bylaw Change

Board amends bylaws regarding GAC membership.

27 May 1999 1999-05-27 - CRADA FOR MANAGEMENT OF ROOT SERVER SYSTEM Root Zone Complete 99.51, 99.52, 99.53 Authorized CRADA

Board accepts the Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) with U.S. Government concerning Improvements to Management of the Internet Root Server System.

27 May 1999 1999-05-27 - DISBURSEMENTS Administration and Budget Complete 99.59 Disbursements

Board approves fund disbursements and check-signing authority within specified parameters.

27 May 1999 1999-05-27 - DOMAIN NAME SUPPORTING ORGANIZATION CONSTITUENCY RECOGNITION ICANN Structures Complete 99.32, 99.33, 99.34, 99.35, 99.36, 99.37, 99.38, 99.39 DNSO, Names Council, Constituencies formed

Board provisionally recognizes DNSO Constituencies and creates Names Council.

27 May 1999 1999-05-27 - FY 1999-2000 ICANN BUDGET Administration and Budget Complete 99.55, 99.56, 99.57 ICANN Budget

Board approves Fiscal Year 1999-2000 Budget.

27 May 1999 1999-05-27 - INDEPENDENT REVIEW ADVISORY COMMITTEE RECOMMENDATIONS ICANN Structures Complete 99.49, 99.50 Advisory Committee on Independent Review

Board accepts draft principles relating to the creation of a structure for independent third party review of decisions of the ICANN Board.

27 May 1999 1999-05-27 - PAYMENT RATIFICATION Administration and Budget Complete 99.58 Check Approval

Board ratifies and approves checks.

27 May 1999 1999-05-27 - PROTOCOL SUPPORTING ORGANIZATION ICANN Structures Complete 99.54 PSO

Board accepts proposal to create Protocol Supporting Organization (PSO) and directs ICANN Staff to prepare implementing Bylaws and an MOU.

27 May 1999 1999-05-27 - WORLD INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY ORGANIZATION RECOMMENDATIONS gTLDs Complete 99.41, 99.42, 99.43, 99.44, 99.45, 99.46, 99.47, 99.48, 99.49 WIPO Recommendations for UDRP

Board accepts WIPO's Internet Domain Name Process report, and requests recommendations from DNSO relating to a uniform dispute resolution policy (UDRP).

23 Jun 1999 1999-06-23 - APPOINTMENT OF INTERIM SECRETARY Administration and Budget Complete 99.60 Appointment of Interim Secretary

Board appoints Andrew McLaughlin as Interim Secretary of the Corporation.

26 Jul 1999 1999-07-26 - AUTHORITY TO ENTER LOAN AGREEMENTS Administration and Budget Complete 99.64, 99.65, 99.66, 99.67, 99.68, 99.69 Loan Agreements

Board authorizes the CEO to enter into loan agreements.

26 Jul 1999 1999-07-26 - PRESIDENT'S TASK FORCE ON FUNDING Board Complete 99.61, 99.62, 99.63 President's Task Force on Funding Committee

Board authorizes Interim President and Chief Executive Officer to suspend collection of the $1 variable component of the registrar accreditation fee.

12 Aug 1999 1999-08-12 - ICANN Board Clarifies DNSO Constituency Representation ICANN Structures Complete 99.70, 99.71, 99.72 DNSO Constituencies, DNSO Structure, Names Council

Board clarifies DNSO Constituency representation on the Names Council.

26 Aug 1999 1999-08-26 - Ad Hoc Group on Future Numbering Requirements Internet Protocols Complete 99.79 Formation of Ad Hoc Group on Numbering

Board directs creation of an ad hoc group charged with developing the objectives and proposing structures for future policies in the area of numbering.

26 Aug 1999 1999-08-26 - ASO MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING ICANN Structures Complete 99.76, 99.77, 99.78 ASO Memorandum Of Uunderstanding

Board accepts proposal for formation of an MOU-based Address Supporting Organization (ASO) and authorizes preparation of implementing Bylaws and MOU.

26 Aug 1999 1999-08-26 - At-Large Membership ICANN Structures Complete 99.87, 99.88, 99.89, 99.90, 99.91 At-Large Membership

Board resolves that the At-Large Directors should be selected by an At-Large Council, the members of which are directly elected by the at-large members of ICANN, and the Council will consist of 18 members selected pursuant to an election process.

26 Aug 1999 1999-08-26 - Extension of Initial At-Large Director Terms ICANN Structures Complete 99.86 Extension of Initial At-Large Directors' Terms

Board extends the terms of the initial At-Large Directors.

26 Aug 1999 1999-08-26 - Independent Review Board Complete 99.92 Independent Review

Board accepts the principles for independent review submitted by the Committee and directs the President and staff to prepare a written policy implementing those principles.

26 Aug 1999 1999-08-26 - PSO MOU Ratification and Bylaws Amendments ICANN Structures Complete 99.74, 99.75 PSO

Board ratifies the MOU and amends the Bylaws to create the Protocol Supporting Organization (PSO).

26 Aug 1999 1999-08-26 - Recognition of the Non-Commercial Domain Name Holders Constituency ICANN Structures Complete 99.80 Non Commercial Name Holders Constituency, recognition, DNSO

Board provisionally recognies the Non-Commercial Domain Name Holders Constituency of the Domain Name Supporting Organization.

26 Aug 1999 1999-08-26 - SO Director terms Board Complete 99.73 SO Director Terms

Board amends the date for SO Director terms.

26 Aug 1999 1999-08-26 - Uniform Dispute Resolution Policy for gTLD Registrars gTLDs Complete 99.81, 99.82, 99.83, 99.84, 99.85 UDRP for gTLD Registrars

Board accepts DNSO's recommendation that ICANN adopt a uniform dispute resolution policy (UDRP) for accredited registrars in the .com, .net, and .org TLDs, and directs implementation of this policy.

27 Sep 1999 1999-09-27 - BYLAWS CHANGES RELATING TO SUPPORTING ORGANIZATION ELECTIONS ICANN Structures Complete 99.93, 99.94 Bylaws Amendments for SO Elections

Board amends the Bylaws relating to elections for Supporting Organizations.

18 Oct 1999 1999-10-18 - Appointment of Vice President, General Counsel, and Secretary Administration and Budget Complete 99.108, 99.109 Election of Corporate Officers

Board elects Louis Touton to the offices of Vice President, Secretary, and General Counsel.

18 Oct 1999 1999-10-18 - Domain Name Supporting Organization ICANN Structures Complete 99-95, 99-96, 99-97, 99-98, 99-99, 99.100, 99.101, 99.102, 99.103, 99.104, 99.105, 99.106, 99.107 DNSO created

Board unanimously grants final recognition to the DNSO Names Council and constituencies.

24 Oct 1999 1999-10-24 - APPROVAL OF MINUTES Board Complete 99.110, 99.111 Board Minutes

Board approved minutes for March 4, March 31, May 27, June 23, July 16, July 26, August 12, and September 9, 1999 Board meetings.

24 Oct 1999 1999-10-24 - IMPLEMENTATION OF UNIFORM DISPUTE RESOLUTION POLICY gTLDs Complete 99.112, 99.113, 99.114, 99.115 UDRP Implementation

Board directs implementation and monitoring of the UDRP.

29 Oct 1999 1999-10-29 - Amendment and Restatement of Bylaws Administration and Budget Complete 99.116, 99.117 Bylaws

Board approves and adopts Amended and Restated Bylaws.

04 Nov 1999 1999-11-04 - Ad Hoc Group on Future Numbering Requirements - Charter and Forum Internet Protocols Complete 99.138, 99.139 Ad Hoc Group on Numbering

Board approves charter for Ad Hoc Group on Numbering and directs opening of public comment forum and website.

04 Nov 1999 1999-11-04 - Agreements Among ICANN, Department of Commerce, Network Solutions gTLDs Complete 99.132, 99.133 Agreement with Network Solutions

Board approves agreements among Network Solutions, Inc., the United States Department of Commerce, and ICANN, and directs their implementation.