ICANN Resolutions

For each Board resolution ICANN provides basic information, including when it was approved, what it's about, and the status and details of the resulting implementation actions. Additional information and links to related resolutions are also provided, enabling users to research Board resolutions, track implementation of every Board action, and quickly find more information on topics of interest addressed by the Board.

Important note: The Board Resolutions are as reported in the Board Meeting Transcripts, Minutes & Resolutions portion of ICANN's website. Only the words contained in the Resolutions themselves represent the official acts of the Board. The explanatory text provided through this database (including the summary, implementation actions, identification of related resolutions, and additional information) is an interpretation or an explanation that has no official authority and does not represent the purpose behind the Board actions, nor does any explanations or interpretations modify or override the Resolutions themselves. Resolutions can only be modified through further act of the ICANN Board.

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Datesort descending Resolution Title Category Status Resolution Number Topic Summary
03 Feb 2009 2009-02-03 - Acceptance of Board Committee Reports Board Complete 2009-02-03-02 Board Committee Reports

Board accepted and received Reports from Board Committees.

03 Feb 2009 2009-02-03 - Bylaws Changes Regarding Nominating Committee ICANN Structures Complete 2009-02-03-07 Nominating Committee's Diversity Calculations

Board approved proposed Bylaws changes relating to the Nominating Committee's diversity calculations.

03 Feb 2009 2009-02-03 - Bylaw Revisions Regarding Board Committees Board Complete 2009-02-03-08 Board Governance Committee Responsibilities

Board designated its Board Governance Committee as responsible for handling matters previously handled by its Reconsideration Committee and Conflicts of Interest Committee.

03 Feb 2009 2009-02-03 - GNSO Improvements - Term Limits ICANN Structures Complete 2009-02-03-05.01 GNSO Council Term Limits

Board approved proposed Bylaws amendment instituting term limits for GNSO Councilors.

03 Feb 2009 2009-02-03 - Minutes Approved Resolution Board Complete 2009-02-03-01 Board Minutes

Board approved minutes for 11 December 2008 Board meeting.

03 Feb 2009 2009-02-03 - Redelegation of .SO (Somalia) Domain ccTLDs Complete 2009-02-03-06 Redelegation .SO

Board approved proposed redelegation of the .SO domain to the Ministry of Post and Telecommunications of the Transitional Federal Government of Somalia.

03 Feb 2009 2009-02-03 - Strategic Plan Approval Administration and Budget Complete 2009-02-03-03 Strategic Plan

Board approves the July 2009- June 2012 Strategic Plan, and directs the President and staff to move forward with the community-based operational planning process based on the Plan.

03 Feb 2009 2009-02-03 - Redelegation of the .BY (Belarus) Domain ccTLDs Complete 2009-02-03-12 Redelegation .BY

Board approved redelegation of .BY domain.

12 Feb 2009 2009-02-12 - Preliminary Paper on Auctions Involving New gTLDs gTLDs Complete 2009-02-12-001 New gTLD Auctions

Board directed Staff to prepare a preliminary paper on using auctions as part of the new gTLD application process.

06 Mar 2009 2009-03-06 - Amendments to the Registrar Accreditation Agreement gTLDs Complete 2009.03.06.09, 2009.03.06.10 Registration Accreditation Agreement -- RAA

The Board agrees with the proposed RAA amendments, directs staff to publish them for public comments, and commits to act on approval of the amendments at the earliest opportunity.

06 Mar 2009 2009-03-06 - Approval of Charters of ICANN Board Committees Board Complete 2009.03.06.11 Board Committees

Board approved charters for the following Board Committees: Board Governance; IANA; Public Participation; Risk; and Structural Improvements.

06 Mar 2009 2009-03-06 - Further Consideration of the Ombudsman Framework Administration and Budget Complete 2009.03.06.12 Ombudsman Framework

Board directed the revised Ombudsman Framework to be posted for further public comment and considered at the next possible Board meeting or be returned to the Board Governance Committee for additional consultation.

06 Mar 2009 2009-03-06 - Global Policy Proposal Regarding IPv4 Address Space Internet Protocols Complete 2009.03.06.02 Allocation of the Remaining IPv4 Address Space

Board ratified the Global Policy Proposal for the Allocation of the Remaining IPv4 Address Space and directed staff implementation.

06 Mar 2009 2009-03-06 - GNSO Constituency Renewals ICANN Structures Ongoing 2009.03.06.01 GNSO Improvements, GNSO Constituency Renewals

Board requested that 1) Staff analyze existing GNSO constituencies' submissions (proposed charters) and public comments, and identify changes that the Board may want to request each constituency to make, and 2) follow-up submissions from constituencies, as needed, be provided to the Board by its June 2009 meeting to confirm that the constituencies have implemented recommended changes.

06 Mar 2009 2009-03-06 - IDN ccTLD Fast Track Process ccTLDs Complete 2009.03.06.03, 2009.03.06.04, 2009.03.06.05 Implementation Plan for the IDN ccTLD Fast Track Process

Board encouraged continued community work so that the IDN ccTLD Fast Track Process implementation plan can be finalized and considered by the Board no later than at its annual meeting in 2009, and directed Staff to complete specific work.

06 Mar 2009 2009-03-06 - Posting of Materials Administration and Budget Complete 2009.03.06.15 Plan for Public Posting of Material

Board asked its Public Participation Committee to develop a plan for ensuring that all major meeting material be available at least two calendar weeks in advance of ICANN meetings, starting with Sydney.

06 Mar 2009 2009-03-06 - President's Strategy Committee Report Board Complete 2009.03.06.13, 2009.03.06.14 President's Strategy Committee Report

Board posted the President's Strategy Committee Report for public comment and directed staff to provide the Board with a report on implementation proposals.

06 Mar 2009 2009-03-06 - Protection for Trademarks in New gTLDs gTLDs Complete 2009.03.06.06 Protection for Trademarks in New gTLDs

Board directed that an "Implementation Recommendation Team" be created to solicit input, and develop and propose solutions to the overarching issue of trademark protection in connection with the introduction of new gTLDs by specified dates and with staff support.

06 Mar 2009 2009-03-06 - Treatment of Geographic Names in New gTLDs gTLDs Complete 2009.03.06.07, 2009.03.06.08 Treatment of Geographic Names in New gTLDs Application Process

Board directed staff to revise the new gTLD draft Applicant Guidebook regarding geographic names, as specified, and to send a letter to the Government Advisory Committee (GAC) identifying relevant implementation issues; Board requested a preliminary response from the GAC by 24 April 2009 and a final report by 25 May 2009.

23 Apr 2009 2009-04-23 - Posting Conflict of Interest Policy Administration and Budget Complete 2009.04.23.04 Posting of the Revised Conflict of Interest Policy for Public Comment

Board approval of posting of Revised Conflicts of Interest Policy for public comment.

23 Apr 2009 2009-04-23 - Approval for Engagement of Auditors for FY09-10 Administration and Budget Complete 2009-04-23-02 Approval for Engagement of Auditors for FY09-10

Board authorized ICANN's CFO to engage Moss Adams LLP as the auditors for fiscal year ending 30 June 2009.

23 Apr 2009 2009-04-23 - Approval of Minutes - February 2009 Board Complete 2009-04-23-01 Approval of Minutes

Board approved 3 and 12 February 2009 minutes.

23 Apr 2009 2009-04-23 - Approval of Ombudsman Framework Administration and Budget Complete 2009.04.23.03 Approval of Ombudsman Framework

Board approved Ombudsman Framework.

23 Apr 2009 2009-04-23 - Global Policy Proposal Regarding IPv4 Blocks Internet Protocols Ongoing 2009.04.23.06 Tracking IPV4 Global Policy Proposal

Board directed Staff to follow the development of Global Policy Proposal for the Allocation of IPv4 Blocks to the Regional Internet Registries (RIRs).

23 Apr 2009 2009-04-23 - Posting Internet Security Plan Administration and Budget Complete 2009-04-23-08 Posting Security & Stability Plan

Board approved the posting of the Plan for Enhancing Internet Security, Stability & Resiliency for public comment within one week, pending amendment.

23 Apr 2009 2009-04-23 - Redelegation of .NG ccTLDs Complete 2009.04.23.05 Redelegation of .NG

Approval of redelegation of .NG ccTLD.

23 Apr 2009 2009-04-23 - Budget for October 2009 Meeting in Seoul Administration and Budget Complete 2009.04.23.07 Seoul Meeting Budget

Board approved Budget for October 2009 Meeting in Seoul.

21 May 2009 2009-05-21 - Location and Budget of March 2010 Meeting in Nairobi Administration and Budget Complete 2009-05-21-09, 2009-05-21-10 ICANN Meeting Location and Budget

Board approved budget and location of March 2010 ICANN meeting in Nairobi

21 May 2009 2009-05-21 - Remote Participation Administration and Budget Ongoing 2009-05-21-17 Remote Participation

Board directed staff to develop a remote participation plan.

21 May 2009 2009-05-21 - Registrar Accreditation Agreement Amendments gTLDs Complete 2009-05-21-05, 2009-05-21-06 RAA Amendments

Board established the new form Registrar Accreditation Agreement and directed staff to explore and implement incentives to encourage its early adoption by registrars.

21 May 2009 2009-05-21 - Posting Organizational Review Process Paper ICANN Structures Complete 2009.05.21.11 Organizational Reviews

Board directed that the Organizational Review Process Paper be posted for public comment.

21 May 2009 2009-05-21 - Posting ccNSO Review Terms of Reference ICANN Structures Complete 2009-05-21-02 ccNSO Review Terms of Reference

Board directed Staff to post the ccNSO Review Terms of Reference for public comment.

21 May 2009 2009-05-21 - Post Board Review Report ICANN Structures Complete 2009-05-21-12 Board Review

Board directed staff to post for public comments the Board Review Working Group Report.

21 May 2009 2009-05-21 - Document Posting Deadlines Administration and Budget Complete 2009-05-21-15, 2009-05-21-16 Posting Meeting Documents

Board approved document posting deadlines for the ICANN Sydney meeting and asked its Public Participation Committee to review experiences and propose an operational policy.

21 May 2009 2009-05-21 - GNSO Improvements - Proposed Stakeholder Group Charters ICANN Structures Complete 2009-05-21-13, 2009-05-21-14 GNSO Improvements, GNSO Constituency Renewals

Board directs its Structural Improvements Committee and ICANN Staff to make the necessary changes to the Stakeholder Group charters and post them for public comment. Board indicates it would consider them for action at the ICANN Sydney meeting in June 2009.

21 May 2009 2009-05-21 - .INFO Amendments Regarding Non-Compliant Sunrise Names gTLDs Complete 2009-05-21-08 .INFO Registry Agreement Amendment

Board approved .INFO Registry Agreement amendments regarding non-compliant sunrise names.

21 May 2009 2009-05-21 - International Currency Risk Management Policy Administration and Budget Overtaken By Events 2009-05-21-03 International Currency Exchange

Board approved the ICANN International Currency Exchange Risk Management Policy.

21 May 2009 2009-05-21 - Czech Arbitration Court Pilot Project gTLDs Complete 2009-05-21-04 Czech Arbitration Court UDRP Pilot Project

Board approved the Czech Arbitration Court's (CAC) request to implement its piloted electronic filing services for UDRP proceedings.

21 May 2009 2009-05-21 - Approval of Minutes - 23 April 2009 Board Complete 2009-05-21-01 Approval of Minutes

Board approved minutes for 23 April 2009 meeting.

26 Jun 2009 2009-06-26 - Display and Usage of Internationalized Registration Data ccTLDs, gTLDs Ongoing 2009.06.26.18 WHOIS, registration record, IDN Convening of an Internationalized Registration Data Working Group