Plan Overview » Objective: 1. Evolve and further globalize ICANN » Goal: 1.3 Evolve policy development and governance processes, structures and meetings to be more accountable, inclusive, efficient, effective and responsive » Portfolio: Reinforce Stakeholder Effectiveness, Collaboration and Communication Capabilities

Project: SO-AC, Pilot GAC Capacity Building Workshops

The ICANN Organization recognizes the importance of capacity building for the GAC in order to promote informed participation in the post IANA transition environment. The ICANN Organization appreciates the GAC's plan to conduct theme driven workshops going forward. Approval is granted for one (1) capacity building workshop in FY19 within the ICANN Public Meeting format and structure. The GAC is encouraged to work with ICANN's Government Engagement and Policy Development Support teams to identify a theme for the supported capacity building workshop in FY19. Funding for required meeting room space, logistics and potential targeted local or regional travel support for potential attendees is to be covered as part of this allocation. A written report must be submitted within 30 days of the capacity building program which addresses how the program met the request objectives and each itemized metric as per the community request. The report is to be submitted to and is a condition of future resource allocations, if any.

Planned Start Date: 2018-07-20

Planned Completion Date: 2019-06-01

Metrics: Measured attendance of GAC members and prospects from the chosen region (Japan or Marrakech public meeting). Substantive satisfaction survey feedback from attendees.


Stakeholders: GAC Community


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