Plan Overview » Objective: 1. Evolve and further globalize ICANN » Goal: 1.3 Evolve policy development and governance processes, structures and meetings to be more accountable, inclusive, efficient, effective and responsive » Portfolio: Reinforce Stakeholder Effectiveness, Collaboration and Communication Capabilities

Project: SO-AC, ISPCPs in Dev. Countries travel to ICANN Mtngs., FY18-FY19

Approved to renew the FY16 pilot effort (not utilized in FY17) to gather more data in preparation for FY19. One traveler from the region of each ICANN Public meeting in FY18 is approved. As a condition of future resourcing, a written report is to be submitted by the Internet Service Provider and Communication Provider Constituency (ISPCP) to no later than 30 days after the trip outlining the achievements against the metrics (increased ISPCP membership, active participation in DNS SSR working groups, and follow-up activities that stem from these groups) to collect data for FY19. Approved travel: economy airfare + hotel + per diem.

Planned Start Date: 2017-07-03

Planned Completion Date: 2019-06-28





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