Plan Overview » Objective: 1. Evolve and further globalize ICANN » Goal: 1.3 Evolve policy development and governance processes, structures and meetings to be more accountable, inclusive, efficient, effective and responsive » Portfolio: Support Policy Development, Policy Related and Advisory Activities

Project: Recurring Activity - GAC Policy Advice Support and Activities (FY19, ...)

Tasks and activities intended to support GAC policy advice efforts and related activities.

Planned Start Date: 2017-07-01

Planned Completion Date: 2019-07-01

Metrics: Satisfaction of GAC leadership as expressed to staff and executives. Effective functioning of underlying facilitation infrastructure - including conference calling, adobe connect, translations and interpretation and web site usage by community members.

Dependencies: GAC leadership, GAC Members, Board Operations, Meetings/Language Service Teams

Stakeholders: GAC Community, GAC Leadership


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