Plan Overview » Objective: 1. Evolve and further globalize ICANN » Goal: 1.3 Evolve policy development and governance processes, structures and meetings to be more accountable, inclusive, efficient, effective and responsive » Portfolio: Support Policy Development, Policy Related and Advisory Activities

Project: Recurring Activity - RSSAC Policy Support Program Management

Provide administrative support for all ongoing RSSAC activities. Activities include developing RSSAC work plans and priorities; managing the logistics, content, and reports of all RSSAC meetings, preparing and publishing RSSAC work products.

Planned Start Date: 2018-06-28

Planned Completion Date: 2019-06-28

Metrics: Number of RSSAC publications, Board implementation of recommendations

Dependencies: Pace of RSSAC review, RSSAC approval

Stakeholders: RSSAC Co-Chairs, RSSAC Members


Last Updated: نوفمبر 5, 2018 - 19:04