Plan Overview » Objective: 5. Develop and implement a global public interest framework bounded by ICANN's mission » Goal: 5.2 Promote ethics, transparency and accountability across the ICANN community » Portfolio: Strategic Initiatives

Project: Strategy and Strategic Outlook

Synchronize respective department initiatives to leverage interdependencies in relation to ICANN strategies and organizational evolution. Work with all departments to identify key trends that impact ICANN on an organizational, operational and geopolitical level.

Planned Start Date: 2014-07-01

Planned Completion Date: 2019-06-30

Metrics: Engagement and participation of Org departments and ICANN stakeholders. Regular and timely updates to the Board and ICANN stakeholders.

Dependencies: No dependencies at this time.

Stakeholders: ICANN Community, ICANN Staff, ICANN Board

Topics: Strategic Initiatives

Last Updated: November 5, 2018 - 19:04