Plan Overview » Objective: 5. Develop and implement a global public interest framework bounded by ICANN's mission » Goal: 5.2 Promote ethics, transparency and accountability across the ICANN community » Portfolio: Specific Reviews (Bylaws Article 4, Section 4.6)

Project: Specific Review: Security, Stability and Resiliency 2 (SSR2)

Support the work for the second Security, Stability and Resiliency Review Team (SSR2) as mandated by ICANN Bylaws by facilitating the activities and interactions between the community and review team members; facilitate work leading to the development of feasible and implementable recommendations (following the SMART framework).

Planned Start Date: 2016-06-01

Planned Completion Date: 2022-03-15

Metrics: Number of Recommendations by status - completed, in process-on track, in process-behind schedule, continuous

Dependencies: Review team completion of work leading up to the publication of review team report; Board adoption of review team recommendations.

Stakeholders: SO/ACs; ICANN Board, ICANN organization

Topics: Security, Stability and Resiliency of the Domain Name System; Accountability, Specific Reviews

Last Updated: November 5, 2018 - 19:04