Plan Overview » Objective: 5. Develop and implement a global public interest framework bounded by ICANN's mission » Goal: 5.2 Promote ethics, transparency and accountability across the ICANN community » Portfolio: Organizational Reviews

Project: Organizational Reviews: SSAC2

Plan and conduct SSAC review mandated by ICANN Bylaws; provide guidance and support to the SSAC review work party; manage the indpednent examiner; provide support and guidance to the Organizational Effectiveness Committee and the Board on all aspects of planning and conducting the review.

Planned Start Date: 2015-07-23

Planned Completion Date: 2019-01-11

Metrics: Number of months from RFP announcement to confirmation of Independent Examiner; ICANN Stakeholder engagement measurements (survey responses, interviews, public comments).

Dependencies: Work performed by outside consultants; ICANN Stakeholder participation and input.

Stakeholders: Organizational Effectiveness Committee, Board, SSAC

Topics: SSAC Review, Organizational Reviews, accountability

Last Updated: November 5, 2018 - 19:04