Plan Overview » 4. Promote ICANN’s role and multistakeholder approach

Objective: 4. Promote ICANN’s role and multistakeholder approach

We strive to clarify the linkages and frameworks that underlie ICANN’s responsibilities in the current Internet ecosystem. We commit to developing ways to maintain and enhance ICANN’s stewardship in an evolving ecosystem. We pledge to cultivate thought leadership on ways in which ICANN can serve a complex set of Internet constituencies. We also commit to strengthening relationships with members of this evolving ecosystem to achieve our shared goals and serve the public interest. By extension of this effort, and without seeking to expand its role and mandate, ICANN commits to contributing to creating greater role clarity for the entire Internet governance ecosystem. We see opportunity for the ecosystem to be stronger together through greater cooperation and coordination. In this, we pledge open, transparent communications to foster a single, open, global Internet for worldwide benefit.

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