What is

myICANN makes it easy to find specific, timely information about developments throughout the ICANN community. By aggregating publications from across the community, organizing them into related topic groupings, and sending out updates by email, myICANN helps people stay updated about new developments without having to repeatedly hunt across hundreds of websites to see what's changed.

For those publishing information, myICANN helps deliver this detailed content to a wider audience.

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What can I do when if I register for a myICANN account?

Today when you register for a myICANN account, you can:

  1. Subscribe to daily email briefings on the topics most important to you
  2. Email articles to others

This is just the beginning, though. myICANN is designed to grow, and will bring you more ways to connect with ICANN in the future.

Do I have to have an account to use myICANN?

No. Anyone with an internet connection can browse the myICANN topic library and see events on the unified calendar.

How do I subscribe to email briefings?

To get news from myICANN in your inbox:

  1. Sign up for a myICANN account
  2. After you sign in, click Add a Subscription
  3. Select when and how often you'd like to receive email
  4. Select the topics that interest you and click Save Email Settings

How do I subscribe to the calendar?

To have events on the myICANN calendar automatically added to your calendar of choice.

  1. Select the calendar in the Calendars listing
  2. Click the iCal button below the calendar
  3. Follow the directions for your calendar:

How do I change my email subscription?

To change your email briefings:

  1. Sign in to your account
  2. Edit the email briefing options shown, then click Save Email Settings

Where does this information come from?

myICANN aggregates information originally published on ICANN websites, related community websites, and in email newsletters. Additionally, ICANN staff can post relevant information to the myICANN topics directly.

I have more questions and suggestions. What should I do?

Great! Please contact us by sending an email on the Contact Us page.