APTLD79 Session Two: "Security: DoH, DoT, and DNS"

APTLD79 Session Two: "Security: DoH, DoT, and DNS"
Wed, 24 Feb 2021 - 06:00 to 07:00
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Internet Ecosystem

Session 2
Security: DoH, DoT, and DNS

Now that major Internet companies have implemented DoH and, partly, DoT, they have become a key topic in many forums, where the expression “DOH!” can be heard as an expression of concern, disappointment and misunderstanding of the impact DoH (and DoT) can have. Let’s revisit the matter and see if one could try a better expression. Or worse, for that matter.

Moderator: Alireza Saleh ‖ IRNIC
Rajiv Kumar ‖ NIXI
Yoshiro Yoneya ‖ JPRS
Jiankang Yao ‖ CNNIC
Mikhail Anisimov ‖ ICANN

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Mikhail Anisimov