APTLD79 Session Six: "Technical: IoT and DNS"

APTLD79 Session Six: "Technical: IoT and DNS"
Thu, 25 Feb 2021 - 04:30 to 05:30
Online Meeting
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Internet Ecosystem

Session 6
Technical: IoT and DNS

Here is a good recipe: take Members keen on drilling into a subject matter; take the RIPE NCC team at the forefront of R&D in and around the Internet, blend them properly and voila! A session to expand the boundaries of our universe. Bon appetite, techies!

Moderator: Jad El-Cham ‖ RIPE NCC

Andrey Kolesnikov ‖ IOTAS
Dr. Weixi Gu ‖ CAII
Alain Durand ‖ ICANN
Jad El-Cham ‖ RIPE NCC

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Fahd Batayneh