Registrar Training

Registrar Training
Date (Time is in UTC): 
Wed, 21 Feb 2018
Munich, Germany

On 21 February, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) will hold a day-long training called “Get Engaged in ICANN - Seminar for Registrars” at BMW Group Classic, Moosacher Straße 66, in Munich, Germany. The training will take place in conjunction with Domain Pulse, a key annual event that gathers regional experts of the DNS industry. The seminar is a result of discussions with the registrar community wanting to learn more about topics ranging from ICANN functions to key DNS issues. ICANN worked with Blacknight, ECO, United Domains, and Larsen Data to develop the seminar’s agenda.

The seminar’s initiative is part of ICANN’s efforts to encourage effective engagement from its stakeholders, and invite newcomers to participate in ICANN. Engagement with the registrar community is an important component of realizing ICANN’s multistakeholder model of governance.

What the training offers
Topics will range from best practices in the sector to contractual compliance obligations. The seminar will provide participants with an opportunity to interact with each other and discuss various business, technical, and policy aspects of the DNS industry with experts from the field.

Who should attend
• Registrars newly accredited by ICANN
• Registrars interested in ICANN accreditation
• New staff at established ICANN accredited registrars, particularly those involved in ICANN’s compliance processes and policy work

How to register
Registration for both on-site and remote participation is limited to a first-come, first-served basis. To register:

Registration Deadline: 14 February 2018

The event is free and open to both on-site and remote participation.

For more information or any queries please email: [email protected]


Time Topic Speaker
9:00– 9.30 General Introduction to ICANN
• ICANN’s organizational structure and where registrars fit
• “Internet Governance” in ICANN context, including ICANN's role and evolution
Gabriella Schittek, ICANN
Nigel Hickson, ICANN
Mukesh Chulani, ICANN

9.30 – 10.20
Introduction of the GNSO/Registrar Constituency and Policy Development
• The Registrar Constituency’s role & structure
• Working Methods &Policy Development
Emily Barabas, ICANN GNSO Policy Support

10.20 – 10.45 Coffee Break

10.45 – 11.30 So, you were a Reseller. What now?

Panel Discussion

• What you need to know when engaging with ICANN.
• The main differences and challenges from being a reseller to an accredited Registrar Moderator: Tobias Sattler, United Domains
Mukesh Chulani, ICANN Registrar Services
Michaela Cruden, Afilias
Kristian Ormen, Larsen Data

11.30 – 12.30 Operational Issues, Part I

Panel Discussion

• ICANN’s Contractual Compliance Approach and Processes
• Registrar Compliance Program: registrar-related compliance areas
• What does it mean?
• How does it impact you?
• Review of registrar obligations Moderator: Thomas Rickert, ECO
Zuhra Salijanova, Contractual Compliance
Michele Neylon, Blacknight
Kristian Ormen, Larsen Data
Tobias Sattler, United Domains

12.30 – 13.30 Lunch Break

13.30 – 14.15 Operational Issues, Part II

Panel Discussion
• Contractual Compliance Registrar lessons learned:
o Transfer Policy
o Domain Renewal: Expired Registration Recovery Policy (ERRP)
o Registrar Data Escrow
• Contractual Compliance Performance Measurement & Reporting
• Registrar Best Practices:
o Uniform Domain-Name Dispute-Resolution Policy (UDRP), Registrar’s Abuse contact and Duty to investigate reports of Abuse, Transfers, Transfer Emergency Action Contact (TEAC), Expired Registration Recovery Policy (ERRP), Expire, Redemption - What works and what doesn’t?
Q&A Moderator: Thomas Rickert, ECO
Zuhra Salijanova, ICANN Contractual Compliance
Seher Sagiroglu, ICANN Contractual Compliance
Michele Neylon, Blacknight
Kristian Ormen, Larsen Data
Tobias Sattler, United Domains

14.15 – 15.30 Current High Interest Topics within ICANN
• Universal Acceptance
• Data Protection Universal Acceptance: Lars Steffen, ECO
Data Protection: Jean-Jacques Sahel, ICANN GSE Europe

15.30 – 15.50 Coffee Break

15.50 – 16.30 Involvement in ICANN & How to Stay in Touch
• The registrar stakeholder group: Why engage and what impact does your engagement have?
• Current projects where Registrars can contribute
• How to Stay in Touch with ICANN
- Who to contact
- Overview of Relevant Meetings
- Available ICANN Resources
Mukesh Chulani, , ICANN Registrar Services
Michele Neylon, Blacknight
Tobias Sattler, United Domains

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Registry / Registrar
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Gabriella Schittek