Training for the Nordics - History of the Root Server System

Training for the Nordics - History of the Root Server System
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Wed, 6 Oct 2021 - 12:00 to 12:30
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ICANN Organization

The History of the Root Server System is a 30-minute informal lecture that takes the audience from the beginnings of the DNS in 1983 through the present day. It focuses on the development of the Root Server System from just one root server to today’s 13 root servers. It explains some of the mystery behind why the root servers are assigned the way they are. It highlights the status of root service in the local region. Finally, it discusses the next steps in Root Server System governance.

The audience for this informal talk is anyone interested in the Root Server System, its history and governance. This is a non-technical talk, although it assumes the audience knows what a root server is and why it exists.

Everyone with a general interest in the DNS is invited. Although this is an outreach effort to reach Internet community members from the Nordic region, stakeholders from other regions are welcome to join.


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Gabriella Schittek