ICANN Training Series - Central Europe & the Baltics: DNSSEC 101

ICANN Training Series - Central Europe & the Baltics: DNSSEC 101
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Thu, 27 Oct 2022 - 12:00 to 13:00
Virtual Meeting - Time in UTC
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ICANN Organization

To protect DNS data, it is important for DNS operators to understand DNS Security Extensions (DNSSEC). This course will discuss the DNSSEC concepts in detail covering the signing and validation of DNS data.

Expected Outcome:
Participants should be able to understand the concepts of DNSSEC and the deployment aspects.

Course Outline

· Public Key Cryptography
· DNSSEC Overview
· Signing
· Validation
· Non-existence
· Key management
· Chain of Trust
· Policy Considerations

Audience: DNS Administrators, Policy Makers with technical background, Network Engineers

Speaker: Ulrich Wisser

Recording: https://icann.zoom.us/rec/share/x-ATKnUt5rqcUwu_ck7TIuxTPCcY1xX_hZ_OY1UT...

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Gabriella Schittek, [email protected]