First DNSSEC Day in Paraguay

First DNSSEC Day in Paraguay
Date (Time is in UTC): 
Thu, 21 Sep 2023
Asunción, Paraguay
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ICANN Organization

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) is excited to announce its participation in the first Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC) Day in Paraguay. This national-level event is intended to promote the deployment of DNSSEC in the Latin American and Caribbean region (LAC). It will be held on 21 September 2023 during the yearly meeting of the Association of Internet Service Providers of Paraguay (ASISPY) in Asunción, Paraguay.

The Network Information Center – Paraguay has successfully implemented DNSSEC for the .PY domain zone, which serves as an example for the entire LAC region. DNSSEC adoption is important because it protects against DNS poisoning and other malicious attacks that can compromise Internet security and privacy. To function properly, DNSSEC requires the support of both domain name registries and registrars, and Internet service providers. This includes hosting providers, companies that run critical infrastructure or services, government network infrastructure, companies that have their own Internet infrastructure, and universities.

DNSSEC is an example of how the Internet continues to become more secure and resilient for its users through the voluntary adoption of open standards. Below is a preliminary list of participants in DNSSEC Day at ASISPY 2023:

Tempus Group S.A.
Panda Connect S.A.
Núcleo S.A.

Register today ( to help make the Internet safer and more secure. Learn more about how ICANN is helping to promote DNSSEC adoption best practices through its Knowledge-Sharing and Instantiating Norms for DNS and Naming Security initiative (

ASISPY is a nonprofit civil association whose objective is the representation of its associates in society, government, and regulatory bodies in matters related to the Internet sector. The associates of ASISPY are in various departments of Paraguay, and represent companies developing Internet access. Some of these companies have been promoting the service since the beginning of the Internet in the country, bringing quality broadband to cities where the large operators have little commercial interest.

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Latin America/Caribbean