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ICANN Contractual Compliance Monthly Dashboard Explanation

The monthly dashboard presents summarized data for the complaint type volume, informal and formal process volume and turnaround time.

Registrars / Registries

Three sections of data present the monthly complaint volume recorded against Registrars / Registries.

  1. The pie chart presents a graphic breakdown of the complaint types.
  2. Complaint Volume & Distribution:
    • The volume of complaints received for the current month by complaint type.
    • The volume of complaints closed before 1st Inquiry / Notice refers to complaints that are not sent to the Registrar or Registry Operator. A reason for closing a complaint before 1st Inquiry / Notice could be: complaint is invalid, a duplicate complaint is already open, requested evidence or additional information not provided by reporter, data changed, etc.
    • The “Registrar Other” and the “Registry Other” complaint type is meant to be a catch all for the complaints that are not categorized in ICANN’s Complaint Submission web forms. A “Registrar Other” complaint may be about Web-Posting Obligations, self-registration, Whois Quality Review, etc. A “Registry Other” complaint may be about bulk registration data, problems related to Registry-Registrar Agreement amendments, registry operator change of control, etc.
  3. The Compliance Process Volume & Turnaround Time - This is based on the Informal (1-2-3 Notifications) and the Formal (Breach, Suspension (Registrars only), Non-Renewal or Termination) processes. The volume is the number of complaints in each cycle. The Turnaround Time is an average count of the number of business days it takes a registrar to respond to any complaint in these process cycles.

Complaint Volume & Closure Rate

  1. Volume Trend - A rolling thirteen month view of overall monthly complaint volume.
  2. Total Volume - New complaints received and the total number of complaints closed in a month.
  3. Closure Rate:
    • Current Month - New complaints received and closed during the same month result in this Current Month closure rate. Current & prior month are reported.
    • Received All - Complaints are received every day of the month. Not all complaints can be processed to closure in one month. Complaints carry-forward to the next month for processing. The Received All Closure Rate compares all complaints closed in a month regardless of when the complaint was received.
    • Before first, second or third Notice - Complaints closed before being sent via a Notice are measured and displayed for these three conditions. Closure rate before first Notice means these complaints are resolved or rejected before sending to a Registrar/Registry. This is a direct result of the quality checks performed by ICANN’s Contractual Compliance department.

ICANN Staff Average Turnaround Time

  • ICANN Staff Turnaround Time - Turnaround Time starts the day the complaint notice is created and stops when the complaint status changes to closed. The internal Work In Progress queues measure ICANN time to advance or close the complaint in-between the 1-2-3 Notice process. Current and prior months are reported.

Contractual Compliance Overall Process Turnaround Time

  • The Received to Closed measure reflects the average time to work upon and close all complaints.