ICANN Contractual Compliance Metrics January 2021 to December 2021

Registrar Obligations: Abuse Complaint Type Detail

The chart below provides details concerning the complaints submitted to ICANN Contractual Compliance under Section 3.18 of the Registrar Accreditation Agreement. This chart includes the number of complaints received and the type of abusive activity allegedly associated with the domain name(s) subject to the complaint (the “Complaint Categories”). The Complaint Categories are selected by the complainant with the submission and are not determined by ICANN Contractual Compliance. One single complaint can include more than one Complaint Category (e.g., one abuse complaint that involves a domain name that is allegedly used for phishing and to support a botnet infrastructure may result in two Complaint Categories). Therefore, the sum of all selected Complaint Categories will not necessarily equal the total number of abuse complaints received within the month. Where the alleged abusive activity does not correspond to any of the specific Complaint Categories in the chart, the complainant may select the option “Other” (e.g., complaints involving alleged illegal or offensive website content).

JAN 21 FEB 21 MAR 21 APR 21 MAY 21 JUN 21 JUL 21 AUG 21 SEP 21 OCT 21 NOV 21 DEC 21 Average
Received Abuse Complaints245251273305281309249284295286294278278
Complaint Categories
Pharming, phishing113109110142109133105110119130127131120
Malware, botnet31313750323930293144364036
Fraudulent, deceptive practices147147162187163180158179174174180168168
Trademark or copyright infringement729110210092117739210311511610398
Abuse contact / procedures information52455077444752466553495253

Registrar Abuse Complaint Type Detail for Invalid/Out-of-scope Closed Complaints vs. Complaints sent to Registrars

The chart below provides details concerning invalid complaints (e.g., complaints which lack evidence of an abuse report submitted to the registrar or which involve ccTLD domain names) received and closed under Section 3.18 of the RAA during the reporting period. The chart also provides details regarding the complaints closed after obtaining evidence of compliance from the relevant registrar. The chart breaks down these closed complaints by Complaint Category. ICANN Contractual Compliance does not review the validity of the reported activity (e.g., whether the domain name is, in fact, being used to conduct the reported activity botnet, phishing, etc.) Rather, ICANN Contractual Compliance validates whether the complainant submitted a fully-formed complaint and if so, whether the registrar complied with its obligations under Section 3.18 of the RAA.

JAN 21 FEB 21 MAR 21 APR 21 MAY 21 JUN 21 JUL 21 AUG 21 SEP 21 OCT 21 NOV 21 DEC 21 Average %
Closed Abuse Complaints24164271134253408574519346309276213301100%
Closed as Invalid2375723511724137554045227025523419026789%
Sent to Registrar47361712333467765442233411%
By Complaint Category
Pharming, phishing
Closed as Invalid1072610668911562371741081141099211690%
Sent to Registrar131784141126282011111310%
Malware, botnet
Closed as Invalid286422127497650333639243695%
Sent to Registrar--52-3-3312325%
Closed as Invalid641468305986123103776360526796%
Sent to Registrar-14313261171134%
Closed as Invalid29113223264210058464643314191%
Sent to Registrar1-5125411885249%
Fraudulent, deceptive practices
Closed as Invalid152301397714022131528616815914911016291%
Sent to Registrar24206817143840251811179%
Closed as Invalid9212941733252872491579%
Sent to Registrar125--13156781421%
Trademark or copyright infringement
Closed as Invalid63236946851041901331019495628986%
Sent to Registrar331469151125351919101414%
Abuse contact / procedures information
Closed as Invalid5812502948758281605746365395%
Sent to Registrar1-131567942-35%
Closed as Invalid5575123457412297585346315592%
Sent to Registrar1-1114614121110358%