ICANN Contractual Compliance 2016 Annual Reports

2016 Enforcement Reasons for Registrars and Registries

This report presents data about the Formal Resolution Process broken out by enforcement reason. The measurement counts the occurrence of each reason during the calendar year. The suspension, termination and cured reasons could relate to breaches from the previous year. The # of unique column represents the number of registrars or registries related to each enforcement reason. The total of this column represents the number of unique registrars or registries, not the column total, as a registrar or registry could appear in the counts for multiple enforcement reasons. To view a list of enforcement activities for registrars and registries, go to: Formal Notices (Enforcement). To view enforcement notices for registrars and registries, go to: Notices of Breach, Suspension, Termination and Non-Renewal.


Enforcement Reasons Breach Suspended Termination Cured # of Unique Registrars
2013 RAA 3.15 - Complete and provide Compliance Certificate444
2013 RAA 3.15 - Respond to audits313
2013 RAA 3.16 - Display link to ICANN’s Registrant Educational Information222
2013 RAA 3.17 - Maintain and provide information required by the Registrar Information Specification313
2013 RAA 3.17 - Publish on website information required by the Registrar Information Specification111
2013 RAA 3.17 and RIS 17 - Publish on website name and position of officers779
2013 RAA 3.17 and RIS 22 - Publish on website ultimate parent entity11
2013 RAA 3.17 and RIS 7 - Publish on website correspondence address11
2013 RAA 3.18.1 - Publish on website email address for abuse reports556
2013 RAA 3.18.3 - Maintain and provide records related to abuse reports313
2013 RAA 3.18.3 - Publish on website description of procedures for the receipt and tracking of abuse reports455
2013 RAA 3.3.1 - Provide Whois Services526
2013 RAA 3.4.2-.3 - Maintain and provide records10711
2013 RAA 3.6 - Escrow registration data515
2013 RAA 3.7.10 - Publish on website link to Registrants’ Benefits and Responsibilities Specification212
2013 RAA - Publish on website auto-renew and deletion policy11
2013 RAA 3.7.8 - Take reasonable steps to investigate claimed Whois inaccuracies757
2013 RAA 3.7.8 and WAPS 1, 2, 4 - Validate and verify Whois contact information355
2013 RAA 3.8 - Comply with the UDRP222
2013 RAA 3.9 - Pay accreditation fees16918
2013 RAA Logo License Specification - Prohibit sublicense use of the ICANN logo to any other party11
2013 RAA Logo License Specification- Display correct ICANN Logo on website436
2013 RAA-RDDS 1.4 - Provide domain name data in the specified response format647
Cure any RAA breach within 15 working days (5.3.4 RAA)11
Cure breaches of the RAA within 21 days (5.5.4 RAA)435
ERRP Section 4.1 - Display renewal/redemption fees748
ERRP Section 4.2 - Display methods used to deliver pre- and post-expiration notifications414
REGISTRAR Total107447124


Enforcement Reasons Breach Suspended Termination Cured # of Unique Registries
Base RA Article 6 - Pay past due fees3--23
Base RA Section 1.11 of Specification 4 - Publish on website a link to a webpage designated by ICANN containing Whois policy and educational materials2--22
Base RA Section 1.3 of Specification 6 - Publish on website the DNSSEC Practice Statements DPS2--22
Base RA Section 4.1 of Specification 6 - Publish on website abuse contact details2--22
REGISTRY Total9--83

2016 Totals

  Breach Suspended Termination Cured # Registries and Registrars
2016 Total116447927