ICANN Contractual Compliance 2016 Annual Reports

2016 Registries Complaints per Compliance Approach & Process

This report presents the number of Registry related complaints by the complaint type as it goes through the Informal and Formal Resolution Process, from ticket receipt to closure. The data is provided for legacy TLD and new gTLD.

2016 Registries Complaints per Compliance Approach & Process Summary

  Received Closed Before 1st Inquiry/Notice 1st Inquiry/Notice 2nd Inquiry/Notice 3rd Inquiry/Notice Breach Termination Closed
Legacy Total131120821--128
New gTLD Total18242951509280653-1817
Not Specified Total*275129125182--250
2016 Total22305441642300683-2195

* Complaints for which the TLD type is not specified. Domain Name or TLD information is not always provided in the complaint or may pertain to a Registrar or Registry.

2016 Registries Complaints per Compliance Approach & Process Detail

Complaint Type Received Closed Before 1st Notice 1st Inquiry/Notice 2nd Inquiry/Notice 3rd Inquiry/Notice Breach Termination Closed
Abuse Contact Data4444-----44
Bulk Zone File Access--------
Code Of Conduct22-----2
Monthly Report1-1----1
Public Interest Commitments33-----3
Registry Data Escrow5-1----1
Registry Other2930-----30
Reserved Names/Controlled Interruption65111--6
Registration Restrictions Dispute Resolution Procedure1616-----16
Service Level Agreement191811---19
Uniform Rapid Suspension22-----2
Wildcard Prohibition--------
Zone File Access4-4----4
Legacy Total131120821--128
New gTLD
Abuse Contact Data21-----1
Bulk Registration Data Access45-454---41
Bulk Zone File Access18-183---19
Claims Services11-----1
Code Of Conduct253424956172-254
Continued Operations Instrument--------
Monthly Report179217813---183
Public Interest Commitments5241---6
Registration Data Directory Services--------
Registry Data Escrow155-105164--106
Registry Fees18-181051-18
Registry Other401936171--59
Reserved Names/Controlled Interruption48183173--52
Registration Restrictions Dispute Resolution Procedure33-----3
Service Level Agreement281265---31
Uniform Rapid Suspension1-1----1
Wildcard Prohibition1-1----1
Zone File Access102724479714835--1041
New gTLD Total18242951509280653-1817
Not Specified
Abuse Contact Data1110-----10
Bulk Registration Data Access--------
Bulk Zone File Access1-11---1
Claims Services22-----2
Code of Conduct64559172--62
Monthly Report613----4
Public Interest Commitments54-----4
Registration Data Directory Services --------
Registry Data Escrow3-2----2
Registry Fees--------
Registry Other6850-----50
Reserved Names/Controlled Interruption25-----5
Registration Restrictions Dispute Resolution Procedure1313-----13
Service Level Agreement25241----24
Service Level Agreement Alerts49148----48
Trademark Post-Delegation Dispute Resolution Procedure--------
Uniform Rapid Suspension55-----5
Wildcard Prohibition--------
Zone File Access19711----18
Not Specified Total275129125182--250
2016 Total22305441642300683-2195