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Recommendations to the Board

The Board receives recommendations from a variety of sources from the ICANN community, including advice from the Advisory Committees as set forth in Article 12 of ICANN's Bylaws.

This page provides information on the status of advice to the Board from the Advisory Committees identified below:

  • At-Large Advisory Committee (ALAC)
  • Root Server System Advisory Committee (RSSAC)
  • Security and Stability Advisory Committee (SSAC)

Actions and updates on advice from the Governmental Advisory Committee (GAC) are not currently included on this page. Please refer to GAC Advice Scorecards adopted from time to time by the Board on the GAC website. Most recently, the Board adopted the scorecard for the ICANN 62 Panama Communiqué.

Latest Advice to the ICANN Board

As of 30 November 2018 (no new advice issued since previous month end)

Advisory Committee Advice Document
At-Large Advisory Committee (ALAC)  
Root Server System Advisory Committee (RSSAC)
Security and Stability Advisory Committee (SSAC)

Advice Status

As of 30 November 2018

The Board Advice Status Report [PDF | XLSX] provides status and details of related resolutions as well as the resulting implementation actions for information on advice items issued by the ALAC, RSSAC, and SSAC since 2010.

Board Advice Register Phases and Descriptions:

Board Advice Register Phases and Descriptions
  • Phase 1 | Receive & Acknowledge: ICANN has input a new Advice Document into the Board Advice Register. ICANN will reach out to the Advice Provider to confirm receipt of the document.
  • Phase 2 | Understand: ICANN is working to understand the advice. ICANN will reach out to the Advice Provider to ensure a mutual understanding of any actionable items contained in the advice.
  • Phase 3 | Evaluate & Consider: ICANN is evaluating the actionable items and preparing materials for Board consideration. ICANN will reach out to the Advice Provider on evaluation and consideration decisions.
  • Phase 4 | Implementation: ICANN has determined that the advice item will be implemented.  ICANN will be reaching out to the Advice Provider with implementation progress reports.
  • Phase 5 | Close: Item has either been implemented and is pending confirmation by the Advice Provider, or the Item contains no action for the Board and is pending confirmation by the Advice Provider.
  • Closed: This item has been processed as much as is relevant and is considered complete; no work is outstanding from the perspective of Board Advice (note that related implementation work may have been integrated into ICANN's ongoing operations or other initiatives).

Below is an overview of open advice items by Advice Provider. The table focuses on items currently within Phases 1 - 4, where ICANN is actively working to understand, evaluate, and implement the advice. An Advice Document may contain multiple Advice Items.

Status of Open Advice Items
(# items)
Phase 1 | Receive & Acknowledge Phase 2 | Understand Phase 3 | Evaluate & Consider Phase 4 | Implementation Summary
ALAC 0 0 0 3 3
RSSAC 0 5 7 0 12
SSAC 0 8 0 27 35
Total 0 8 7 30 50

Below is a 12 month summary of Closed advice items, i.e., those items where ICANN has confirmed with the Advice Provider that implementation is complete or no further action is required.

Closed Advice Items (# items) Closed
(in past 12 months)
Total 55

Archived Status Reports

August 2018 [PDF | XLSX] | September 2018 [PDF | XLSX] | October 2018 [PDF | XLSX]

Historical Advice

In October 2016, ICANN issued a status report to the ALAC, RSSAC and SSAC on historical advice to the ICANN Board issued between 2010 and mid-2015. The Board's status reports on historical items can be found below. Updated Status on all items can be found in the reports listed above.

  • At-Large Advisory Committee (ALAC) (19 October 2016) [PDF]
  • Root Server System Advisory Committee (RSSAC) (19 October 2016) [PDF]
  • Security and Stability Advisory Committee (SSAC) (19 October 2016) [PDF]

Important note: The Board Resolutions are as reported in the Board Meeting Transcripts, Minutes & Resolutions portion of ICANN's website. Only the words contained in the Resolutions themselves represent the official acts of the Board. The text provided in this database explaining Resolutions is an interpretation that has no official authority and does not represent the purpose behind the Board actions, nor does any explanation or interpretation modify or override the Resolutions themselves. Resolutions can only be modified through further action by the ICANN Board.