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As of 31 December 2019

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At-Large Advisory Committee (ALAC)

Board Advice Register Phases and Descriptions

Board Advice Register Phases and Descriptions

Advice Items by Advisory Committee

Phase ALAC
Phase 1 | Receive & Acknowledge -
Phase 2 | Understand -
Phase 3 | Evaluate & Consider -
Phase 3 | Deferred -
Phase 4 | Implement 2
Phase 4 | Deferred -
Phase 5 | Close -
Total Open Items by Advisory Committee 2
Total Items Closed in Past 12 Months 4

Open Advice Items

See also "Advice Status Reports" on Board Advice Home for PDF/Excel versions of the information below.

Advice Item Phase Action(s) Taken

Enabling Inclusive, Informed and Meaningful Participation at ICANN: A Joint Statement by ALAC and GAC (R1)
(2 Nov 2017)

Phase 4 | Implement

The Information Transparency Initiative (ITI) team previewed new Announcements and Blog pages on in October 2018. Work on the authoring and content model in the document management system has begun and several content types have been completed. Since the launch of ITI in January 2018, the team has published eight blogs on and conducted several public sessions to provide the community with updates and input into the progress of this project.

On 30 October 2019, the Information Transparency Initiative (ITI) team released the proposed new search experience for Board Meeting content for community input via the ITI feedback site. The improved searchability, which is core to ITI, includes: filters to narrow search by document type (Resolutions, Minutes, Agenda), Board Committees (current and former), and Board Meeting type; a date range filter; an expandable and collapsible table structure, jump-to links for upcoming Board Meetings, Year, and Month/Year; and keyword(s) search within Board Meeting content with results available by relevance (number of instances of the keyword(s)) or newest (search results ordered by publish date). Also, the ITI team is developing an improved Public Comment feature based on invaluable input from members of ICANN's Supporting Organizations and Advisory Committees. This new feature will be available for testing in late January 2020. ITI is aiming for an April 2020 soft launch of the new site. In September 2019 and October 2019, blogs were published to, which provided the community with an update on the project's status.

Enabling Inclusive, Informed and Meaningful Participation at ICANN: A Joint Statement by ALAC and GAC (R2)
(2 Nov 2017)

Phase 4 | Implement

On 9 February 2018, the ICANN Board sent a letter to Alan Greenberg, chair of the ALAC, regarding this joint ALAC-GAC advice. Please see the letter here: In August 2019, ICANN Org shared an update that a meeting will be facilitated at ICANN66 with the ALAC, GAC, and NCSG to discuss the needs of all groups regarding simple language documentation and capacity building activities. Additionally, the co-chairs of the At-Large Consolidated Policy WG will prepare podcasts for each public comment which ALAC has agreed to prepare a statement. During ICANN66, representatives of the ALAC and NPOC, with input from GAC support staff, held an informative session on current communication procedures and tools within their respective groups. They received useful comments from Sally Costerton and Sally Newell-Cohen. Next steps will include the ALAC reaching out to the GAC and NPOC leadership on organizing an inter-sessional call early in 2020 to discuss follow up from their successful session. The ALAC will propose a joint f2f session during ICANN67 in Cancun.

Advice Items Closed in the Last 12 Months

Advice Item Close Date Action(s) Taken

The 2nd At-Large Summit (ATLAS II) Final Declaration -- At-Large Community Engagement in ICANN (R-37)

(26 Jun 2014)


Staff, under the direction of At-Large leadership, has already begun to rework the website and Wiki to ensure that our "Policy Advice" pages are accurate and understandable. This will continue as volunteer and staff resources allow. We will also ensure that as documents are published, the classification of the document is clear. The goal is to address two issues: • Confusion about the type of document (ie "Advice" vs "Comment") • The "End user" justification for intervention. Accordingly, staff together with At-Large leadership will categorize the existing documents (as advice, public comment, correspondence, etc.) in a more granular fashion and provided enhanced tools with which to filter search results based on these categories. Furthermore, staff will create a new field in the database for "End User Issue" and At-Large leadership will populate this field both in current documents and those generated going forward. The following items have been created to satisfy these goals: • An Executive Summaries: ALAC Policy Comments & Advice resource page has been created to address "type" of document (#1). • The At-Large Consolidated Policy Working Group (CPWG) meets weekly to discuss "end user" justification for intervention (#2). With these simple modifications, it should be easier for a Wiki visitor to peruse the work of the At-large and to quickly understand the rationale for creating individual documents.

The 2nd At-Large Summit (ATLAS II) Final Declaration -- Future of Multi-Stakeholder Models (R-7)

(26 Jun 2014)


The Board in its 9 September 2014 resolution acknowledged the Final ATLAS II Declaration: This recommendation was discussed by the Board Organization Effectiveness Committee (OEC), which subsequently added the item to the OEC workplan: "Holistic Assessment of ICANN structures". The OEC agreed that the work underway on the current cycle of 11 reviews and the recommendations of WS2-Accountability should progress further, before the topic of "holistic assessment of ICANN structures" is to be addressed. Updates on OEC's progress on this work item are reported on the Semi-Annual Committee Report (most recent published report – page 8 : For further information on the OEC's consideration of this topic, see:; and latest OEC meeting minutes:

Joint GAC-ALAC Statement on the EPDP

(25 Mar 2019)


The ICANN org understands that this is the Joint GAC-ALAC Statement on the EPDP. As this item will be considered via the Public Comment process, the item will be considered closed. The Board will provide its rationale for its action in the Board Resolution on the EPDP Recommendations. This understanding was sent to the ALAC on 7 May 2019.

Follow-Up to the Joint Statement by ALAC and GAC: Enabling Inclusive, Informed and Meaningful Participation at ICANN

(12 Dec 2018)


On 27 January 2019 the Board addressed this advice in their Barcelona Scorecard. Additionally, Cherine Chalaby included a response in his 6 February 2019 letter to Maureen Hilyard. On 23 April 2019 the ICANN org notified the ALAC this advice is considered closed due to these two responses.