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2006-12-08 - Regional At-Large Organization for Latin America and Caribbean

Resolution of the ICANN Board
Regional At Large Organization for Latin America and Caribbean

Board applauds the efforts of the Latin America and Caribbean Geographic Region on its efforts to become the first region of the global At-Large community to conclude work on a Regional At Large Organization.

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周五, 8 十二月 2006
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Whereas, the ICANN Bylaws, Article XI, Section 2, Part 4, provide a process that allows individual Internet users to participate meaningfully in the work of ICANN, as the community known as 'At-Large'.

Whereas, groups representing individual internet users throughout the Latin America and the Caribbean ("LAC") Geographic Region have finalised work on organising themselves as a Regional At-Large Organization ("RALO") by creating a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between themselves and ICANN.

Whereas, the LAC Regional At-Large Organization will serve as the main forum and coordination point for input from individual Internet users in this region to ICANN on issues that affect individual's use of the Internet's domain name system.

Whereas, the LAC Region is the first region of the global At-Large community to conclude work on a Regional At Large Organization, an achievement which represents a considerable milestone in the development of the multi-stakeholder process that is so fundamental to the work of ICANN.

Whereas, the LAC user groups have concluded their work on the MOU during the 27th International ICANN Meeting in São Paulo, allowing for the diverse communities engaged in ICANN to be present to recognise this achievement.

Whereas, the Parties to the MOU, composed of ICANN and fourteen representatives of the At-Large Structures in the LAC region, signed it at a public ceremony at the São Paulo ICANN meeting, with the execution of the agreement on ICANN's part contingent upon final approval by the ICANN Board following completion of a public comment period.

Resolved (06.___), the ICANN Board applauds the community of Latin America and the Caribbean Internet users and recognises their achievement of this important milestone.

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