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2006-12-08 - IDN Status - Acknowledgement and Next Steps

Resolution of the ICANN Board
IDN status and next steps

Board acknowledges community work on IDNs, encourages continued cooperation, and requests an issues paper on IDN ccTLD selection.

Meeting Date: 
周五, 8 十二月 2006
Resolution Number: 
06., 06., 06.
Implementation Actions: 
  • Produce issues paper on selection of IDN ccTLDs.
    • Responsible entity: ccNSO, GAC
    • Due date: None provided
    • Completion date: 26 June 2007
Resolution Text: 

Whereas, the Board expresses its gratitude to the volunteers, in particular from the technical community including the IETF, IAB, RSSAC, the TLD registries working group, and the IDN President's Advisory Committee, for their work related to the insertion of internationalized top level labels.

Whereas, the preliminary laboratory test conducted by Autonomica and development of root zone and application test plans are significant steps toward the stable deployment of IDNs.

Whereas, the TLD registries working group has met regularly on the IDN Guidelines revisions and a best practices document.

Whereas, the ccNSO, GNSO, and the GAC have active working groups considering policy aspects related to the introduction of internationalized top-level labels.

Whereas, the community has had considerable discussions regarding the development of a process by which internationalized labels corresponding to territories could be developed through a joint effort involving the ccNSO and GAC.

Resolved (06.___), the ICANN Board acknowledges the significant work performed by the members of the community working on this important topic and urges this work to continue to move forward in a manner that emphasizes the security and stability of the Internet and enhances the usability of and accessibility to the Internet.

Resolved (06.___), the ICANN Board respectfully requests that all volunteers work closely together in their continued work to ensure that the introduction of IDNs proceeds in a coordinated, timely manner.

Resolved (06.___), the ICANN Board requests the ccNSO and the GAC, through a joint collaborative effort, in consultation as needed with the relevant technical community, to produce an issues paper relating to the selection of IDN ccTLDs associated with the ISO 3166-1 two-letter codes.

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