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2005-06-28 - Approval of Engagement of Auditors

Resolution of the ICANN Board
Auditors for FY 2004-2005

Board authorizes and directs President to engage Moss Adams LLP to conduct the independent audit of fiscal year 2004-2005.

Administration and Budget
Meeting Date: 
Tue, 28 Jun 2005
Resolution Number: 
Implementation Actions: 
  • Engage Moss Adams LLP for independent audit.
    • Responsible entity: President
    • Due date: None specified
    • Completion date: 2005
Resolution Text: 

Following discussion, Vint Cerf moved for a vote on the following resolution, and Hagen Hultzsch seconded:

Whereas ICANN Bylaws Article XVI provides that ICANN shall annually publish an audited financial statement, and that the appointment of the fiscal auditors shall be the responsibility of the Board.

Whereas the Audit Committee of the Board has conducted a search for appropriate auditors, and has recommended the engagement of Moss-Adams, Certified Public Accountants.

Whereas Moss-Adams has submitted an engagement letter dated 18 April 2005, which has been reviewed and approved by staff and the Audit Committee.

Resolved [05.39], that the President is authorized and directed to enter into the engagement letter of 18 April 2005 with Moss-Adams to provide the outside audit for Fiscal Year 2004-2005.

The board approved the resolution unanimously 13-0 by a vote of the Board Members present. Mouhamet Diop and Joichi Ito were not present during the vote. Njeri Rionge's was listening to the call but her vote was recorded contemporaneously via email due to technical difficulties.

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