ICANN Resolutions » 2005-06-07 - Approval of Minutes for the 3 May 2005 Special Meeting of the Board

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2005-06-07 - Approval of Minutes for the 3 May 2005 Special Meeting of the Board

Resolution of the ICANN Board
Board Minutes

Board approved minutes for 3 May 2005 and 1 June 2005 Board meetings.

Meeting Date: 
Tue, 7 Jun 2005
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Resolution Text: 

At the beginning of the Board Meeting the following resolution was introduced by Vint Cerf and was seconded by Michael Palage. An amendment was offered regarding director's expenses by Alejandro Pisanty and the Board voted on the following resolution:

Resolved [05.34], the minutes of the meeting of the Board on 3 May 2005, are hereby approved and adopted by the Board as altered during the Board Meeting.

The board approved the following resolution unanimously by a vote of 14-0. Raimundo Beca was not present during the vote. These minutes have been posted on the ICANN Website at the following link: http://www.icann.org/minutes/minutes-03may05.htm.

[Please note. At the end of the meeting additional minutes were also approved for the 1 June 2005 Special Meeting of the Board.]

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