ICANN Resolutions » 2005-03-21 - Reimbursement of Directors' Expenses

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2005-03-21 - Reimbursement of Directors' Expenses

Resolution of the ICANN Board
Expense Reimbursement

Board authorizes reimbursements to Directors for specified expenses.

Administration and Budget
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周一, 21 三月 2005
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Whereas, Article VI, Section 22 of the ICANN bylaws provides that the Board may authorize the reimbursement of actual and necessary reasonable expenses incurred by Directors performing their duties as Directors;

Resolved [05.13] that the Board hereby authorizes the reimbursement of expenses to Directors as follows:

a) Alejandro Pisanty – for travel to Geneva for meetings relating to WSIS/WGIG in September 2004 – total expense of US$2869.88

b) Alejandro Pisanty – for travel to Geneva for meetings relating to WSIS/WGIG in November 2004 – total expense of US$1353.99

c) Veni Markovski – for travel to the WSIS/WGIG meeting in Geneva in February 2005 and for telephone expenses for Board telephone conference calls - total expense of US$996.58

This resolution was unanimously approved by the Board, 14-0. Peter Dengate Thrush was not present for the vote.

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