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2005-02-18 - Approval of Payment for .NET Evaluator

Resolution of the ICANN Board
Payment Approval for .NET Evaluator

Board authorizes ICANN Staff to pay the .NET evaluation team and panel of DNS experts up to US$400,000.

Meeting Date: 
周五, 18 二月 2005
Resolution Number: 
Implementation Actions: 
  • Pay.NET evaluation team and panel of DNS experts.
    • Responsible entity: President and General Counsel
    • Due date: None specified
    • Completion date: 2005
Resolution Text: 

Kurt Pritz introduced this resolution to the board. John Jeffrey and Paul Twomey provided additional information. Michael D. Palage noted that he would recuse himself from the discussion and the vote on all .NET successor registry process matters. Following additional discussion, Hagen Hultzsch moved, and Vint Cerf seconded, a request for a vote on the following resolution:

Whereas, on 5 December 2004, the ICANN Board approved the final .NET Request for Proposals, in accordance with the recommendation of the GNSO Council and the previously adopted procedure.

Whereas, the Final .NET RRP called for the hiring of an independent third party to manage the evaluation of the .NET proposals, and Telcordia Technologies, Inc. was selected to perform the evaluation based on the criteria stated in the RFP.

Whereas, an initial payment of US$100,000 is due to the independent evaluation firm, and ICANN's established financial controls specify that payments of that size be authorized by the Board of Directors.

Resolved [05.09], that the President and General Counsel are authorized to make all necessary payments to the independent evaluation team and the international panel of DNS experts retained to evaluate the applications, in an amount not to exceed US$400,000, which equals the non-refundable sum total of application fees collected from the five applicants.

This resolution was approved by the Board by a vote of 12-0, with one abstention by Michael D. Palage. Njeri Rionge and Peter Dengate Thrush were not present for the vote.

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