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2004-12-05 - Address Supporting Organization MOU Implementation

Resolution of the ICANN Board
ASO MOU, Bylaws

Board authorizes posting for public comment of amended ICANN bylaws to reflect the new ASO MoU.

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Meeting Date: 
周日, 5 十二月 2004
Resolution Number: 
Implementation Actions: 
  • Post new bylaws text for public comment.
    • Responsible entity: ICANN Legal
    • Due date: immediate
    • Completion date:4 December 2004
  • Consider new bylaws.
    • Responsible entity: ICANN Board
    • Due date: next Board mtg
    • Completion date:8 April 2004
Resolution Text: 

Whereas, on 21 October 2004, ICANN entered a new Address Supporting Organization (ASO) Memorandum of Understanding.

Whereas, this new ASO MOU replaces the version signed by ICANN and the RIRs in 1999 and amended in 2000.

Whereas, under the new MOU, the "Number Resource Organization" will fulfill the role of the ASO as defined within the ICANN Bylaws.

Whereas, Article VIII of the Bylaws states that the ASO "shall advise the Board with respect to policy issues relating to the operation, assignment, and management of Internet addresses."

Whereas, implementation of the new MOU will require an amendment to this Article VIII of the Bylaws, which currently refers to the 1999 version of the ASO MOU and includes a note indicating that, "This article is subject to amendment as a result of continuing discussion and the Regional Internet Registries."

Whereas, the General Counsel has prepared proposed amendments to the Bylaws that incorporate a reference to (and thus give effect to) the new ASO MOU <http://www.icann.org/legal/proposed-bylaws-amendments-04dec04.htm>.

Resolved (04.101) the Board welcomes the signing of the new ASO MOU, authorizes the General Counsel to post the proposed implementation amendments to the Bylaws for public comments through 31 December 2004, and agrees to consider those proposed Bylaws amendments at the next Board meeting.

(Eleven votes in favor, none opposed, no abstentions.)

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