ICANN Resolutions » 2004-07-23 - SSAC Report on Redirection in the COM and NET Domains

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2004-07-23 - SSAC Report on Redirection in the COM and NET Domains

Resolution of the ICANN Board
Redirection in .COM and .NET Domains

Board accepts the SSAC report, desires confirmation of standards on DNS wildcards, halts introduction of new wildcard applications in any TLDs until confirmation is received, and recommends changes to registry services be done in a deliberate fashion.

Meeting Date: 
周五, 23 七月 2004
Resolution Number: 
04.63, 04.64, 04.65, 04.66
Implementation Actions: 
  • Confirm DNS wildcard standards with IAB.
    • Responsible entity: ICANN Staff
    • Due date: None provided
    • Completion date: 4 August 2004
Resolution Text: 

Whereas the Board has received the SSAC Report on Redirection in the COM and NET Domains dated 9 July 2004.

Whereas the report was the subject of presentations and discussions at ICANN's meetings in Kuala Lumpur, 19-23 July 2004.

Whereas, among other findings and recommendations, the report indicated that "There exist shortcomings in the specification of DNS wildcards and their usage. The defining RFCs should be examined and modified as necessary with a focus on producing two results: first, clarification of the use of synthesized responses in DNS protocols; second, provision of additional guidance on the use of synthesized responses in the DNS hierarchy."

Resolved [04.63], the Board thanks Chair Steve Crocker and the members of SSAC for the preparation of this report.

Resolved [04.64], the Board directs the President and Staff to confirm with the Internet Architecture Board its interpretation of the standards regarding wildcards in the DNS.

Resolved [04.65], the Board recommends that until such interpretation is confirmed, no new applications of wildcards be introduced in any TLDs.

Resolved [04.66], the Board recommends that any material changes in registry services should be done in a deliberate fashion, with appropriate notice and opportunity for community review, discussion, and consensus-building.

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