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2004-06-29 - Provisional Redelegation of .ly

Resolution of the ICANN Board
Provisional Redelegation of .ly

Board authorizes the President to allow the provisional redelegation of the .ly domain (Libya) to GPTC and Mr. Marwan Maghur, until a full redelegation may be arranged.

Meeting Date: 
周二, 29 六月 2004
Resolution Number: 
Implementation Actions: 
  • Allow provisional redelegation pursuant to IANA Functions processes.
    • Responsible entity: ICANN President, supported by IANA Functions Department
    • Due date: Per IANA Functions processes
    • Implementation date: Completed per IANA Functions processes
Resolution Text: 

Whereas, on 7 April 2004 the .ly ccTLD ceased functioning due to the failure of the master (primary) nameserver.

Whereas, on 13 April 2004 minimal functionality was restored when the last good copy of the .ly zone was slaved by the former master nameserver to a master.

Whereas, as set forth in RFC 1591 (ftp:/ftp.rfc-editor.org/in-notes/rfc1591.txt) and later affirmed in ICP-1 (http://www.icann.org/icp/icp-1.htm), "TLD managers are trustees for the delegated domain, and have a duty to serve the community."

Whereas, on 10 May 2004, the proposed delegees began offering name service for the .ly domain on a limited basis. To date their servers have responded well to the minimal load, Mr. Maghur's team has been responsive to requests, and there is every reason to believe that their servers, along with the slave (secondary) will be more than adequate to handle the full load as a result of updating the nameserver delegation in the root zone.

Whereas, the process of fully validating the appropriateness of the request from GPTC is still underway, and that therefore it is appropriate at this time to allow Mr. Maghur and his team to take over the caretaker role in order to provide greater operational stability for the LY domain while the redelegation process is completed.

RESOLVED [04.48], the President is permitted to allow the provisional redelegation of the .ly domain to GPTC and Mr. Marwan Maghur, until such time as a full redelegation may be arranged.

Additional Information: 
  • The resolution does not address funding for the items identified therein.