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2003-10-31 - .pro Second-Level Registration Offering

Resolution of the ICANN Board
Second-level registrations in .PRO

Board authorizes amendments to .PRO registry agreement to implement second-level registration product offering.

Meeting Date: 
周五, 31 十月 2003
Resolution Number: 
Implementation Actions: 
  • Amend .PRO registry agreement.
    • Responsible entity: ICANN Registry Liaison, Registry Operator
    • Due date: None provided
    • Completion date: 21 May 2004
Resolution Text: 

Whereas, RegistryPro, Inc. ("RegistryPro") is the registry operator for the .pro top-level domain;

Whereas, under RegistryPro's Registry Agreement as entered into with ICANN on 3 May 2002, RegistryPro is expressly permitted to propose to give .pro registrants the option of registering for second-level domain names directly in the .pro TLD;

Whereas, on 6 August 2003, ICANN received a request from RegistryPro to offer second level registrations in .pro in cases where registrants provide multiple services or would like register on the second-level with a redirect to the third-level professional designator that corresponds to their professional area;

Whereas the RegistryPro proposal specifies that the registrants at the second level would be required to meet all of the registration restrictions set forth in Appendix L to the .pro Registry Agreement;

Whereas the RegistryPro Advisory Board has provided a statement of support for the RegistryPro proposal, indicating that proposed second level .pro registrations will eliminate existing obstacles and enhance the appeal of .pro to the distribution channel, while continuing to uphold the existing eligibility requirements and restrictions;

Whereas, based on a review of the proposal, the Board has determined it is unlikely the legitimate interests of others could be harmed by the implementation of the proposal by RegistryPro to offer the second level registration product;

Whereas, ICANN's Registry Agreement with RegistryPro allows such agreement to be amended by the mutual consent of the two parties;

Resolved [03.161], that the ICANN President and General Counsel are authorized to negotiate and implement modifications to RegistryPro's Registry Agreement with ICANN for operation of the .pro top-level domain as deemed necessary to provide for the offering of such .pro second level registration product by RegistryPro, provided that the offering of such second level registration product by RegistryPro would be in accordance with and consistent with all other applicable contractual limitations in the Registry Agreement.

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