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2003-10-31 - New Generic TLDs

Resolution of the ICANN Board

Board calls for the development of a process and policy for streamlining the introduction of new gTLDs as specified in ICANNs MoU with the U.S. Department of Commerce.

Meeting Date: 
Fri, 31 Oct 2003
Resolution Number: 
03.166, 03.167, 03.168
Implementation Actions: 
  • Develop strategy and policy leading to a streamlined process for the introduction of new gTLDs.
    • Responsible entity: ICANN Staff (President)
    • Due date: Unspecified
    • Completion date: Ongoing
  • Seek Public Comment into the Development of this strategy and process.
    • Responsible entity: ICANN Staff
    • Due date: Unspecified
    • Completion date: Ongoing
  • Report on the new gTLD policy.
    • Responsible entity: ICANN Staff
    • Due date: 30 September 2004
    • Completion date: 30 September 2004
  • Implement new gTLD policy for a streamlined process for the introduction of new gTLDs.
    • Responsible entity: ICANN Staff
    • Due date: December 31, 2004
    • Completion date: Ongoing
Resolution Text: 

Whereas the development of an appropriate process and policy for the creation of new gTLDs has been a topic of Board and community debate since the creation of ICANN.

Whereas there is a fundamental need for a comprehensive process to move from the proof of concept test commenced with the 2000 round to the liberalization of the gTLD market.

Whereas ICANN needs to deliver this comprehensive approach to new gtlds not only in response to community demand, but also toward completion of a task agreed under ICANN's new MoU with the U.S. Department of Commerce.

Whereas ICANN has committed to deliver, by September 2004, a comprehensive evaluation of:

a. The potential impact of new gtlds on the Internet root server system and Internet stability;

b. The creation and implementation of selection criteria for new and existing TLD registries, including public explanation of the process, selection criteria, and the rationale for selection decisions;

c. Potential consumer benefits/costs associated with establishing a competitive environment for TLD registries; and

d. Recommendations from expert advisory panels, bodies, agencies, or organizations regarding economic, competition, trademark, and intellectual property issues.

Whereas ICANN is also committed to define and implement a predictable strategy for selecting new gtlds using straightforward, transparent, and objective procedures that preserve the stability of the Internet (development of strategy is to be completed by September 30, 2004 and implementation to commence by December 31, 2004).

Whereas ICANN also needs to consider technical and operational means by which the operation of a TLD could be undertaken by another party in the event that any incident causes a particular TLD to become inoperable.

Whereas the Board recognizes that in order for ICANN to meet these timelines, the evaluation must commence almost immediately, and will require a significant proportion of ICANN resources.

Whereas the Board believes the development of this long-term policy should begin immediately in November 2003, with the timing of the presentation of reports and receipt of various inputs to occur between ICANN's October 2003 meeting in Carthage, and March 2004 meeting in Rome.

Whereas the areas to be covered in the development of policy on TLDs include completion of the formal review of the TLDs created in the new-TLD proof of concept initiated in 2000, obtaining advice and analysis on issues pertinent to long-term policy for TLDs from expert sources, receipt and review of community input, consideration and commencement if deemed appropriate of a targeted Policy-Development Process within the Generic Names Supporting Organization, and consultation with ICANN's Advisory Committees and other Supporting Organizations.

Whereas the final report on the success to date, and issues faced by, the TLDs created in 2000 is expected to be delivered at ICANN's March 2004 meeting in Rome.

Whereas ICANN is aware that the TLDs selected in 2000 have faced significant acceptance problems, which should be considered and addressed, if possible. These include compatibility problems with installed software (DNS resolvers, provisioning software and end-user applications) of ISPs, corporate network operators and application providers, as well as other distribution and acceptance issues, such as registrars interested in providing domain name services with respect to a new gtld.

Whereas expert advice is expected to be sought from areas including:

  • an international economics organization on the introduction of competition into the TLD market and other similar markets, allocation mechanisms and possible appropriate business models for the TLD manager-ICANN relationship;
  • a review and report on intellectual property issues involved in the introduction of new gtld to be provided by the World Intellectual Property Organization;
  • consumer protection issues, potentially from a consumer protection agency;
  • reports from the Internet Architecture Board and ICANN's Security and Stability Committee on technical stability issues related to the introduction of new gtlds, including planning for registry failures;
  • assessment of the Internet Architecture Board on the need for additional technical standards to support multilingual TLDs.

Whereas the Board will be considering, and seeking views from experts and the community on the appropriate balance between corporate/sponsor control of a gTLD and "management on behalf of the Internet community" and with regard to clarifying and better delineating the appropriate structure and scope of the relationship between TLD operators and ICANN.

Resolved [03.166] that the Board directs the President to begin an expeditious and targeted development of strategy and policy leading to a streamlined process for the introduction of new gtlds, and

Resolved [03.167] that the Board directs the President to begin to seek community input into development of this strategy and process immediately following this meeting in Carthage, and to establish a public forum for comments on new gtld policy at <[email protected]>.

Resolved [03.168] that the Board has requested that a report on the new gtld policy should be completed by September 30, 2004 and the implementation of the new gtld policy shall commence before December 31, 2004.

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