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2003-06-26 - ccNSO Formation

Resolution of the ICANN Board
ccNSO Formation

Board adopts new bylaws to implement reforms to ICANN's procedures and organizational structures.

ICANN Structures
Meeting Date: 
周四, 26 六月 2003
Resolution Number: 
03.106, 03.107
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Resolution Text: 

Whereas, beginning in March 2002 the ICANN community engaged in intensive discussion, led by the Committee on ICANN Evolution and Reform (ERC), concerning reforms to ICANN's procedures and organizational structures;

Whereas, on 31 October 2002 the Board adopted New Bylaws to implement most aspects of the resulting reforms, to become effective upon adoption of a transition article for the bylaws, which occurred on 15 December 2002;

Whereas, one important goal of the 2002 ICANN reform process was development of a Country-Code Names Supporting Organization (ccNSO);

Whereas, in September 2002 the ERC appointed a ccNSO Assistance Group, consisting of ccTLD managers, participants of the GAC, and other knowledgeable members of the community to develop recommendations concerning the structure and processes of a ccNSO;

Whereas, the ccNSO Assistance Group prepared and posted ten reports, with numerous recommendations, and in this process adjusted its recommendations to reflect public comments received;

Whereas, this process was not completed in time for inclusion of provisions concerning the ccNSO in the New Bylaws;

Whereas, the ccNSO Assistance Group posted its compiled recommendations, reflecting comments received online and in numerous consultations with ccTLD managers, on 26 February 2003;

Whereas, after additional public comment, on 22 April 2003 the ERC posted its Fifth Supplemental Implementation Report, which endorsed, with minor adjustments, the recommendations of the ccNSO Assistance Group;

Whereas, after comment by ccTLD regional groups and others, on 29 May 2003 the ERC posted its Response to Comments Received on its ccNSO Recommendations;

Whereas, on 13 June 2003, the General Counsel posted a set of proposed amendments to the bylaws to implement the ERC's recommendations;

Whereas, at the Montréal meeting the assembled ccTLD managers, members of the Governmental Advisory Committee, and other members of the ICANN community intensively discussed the proposed amendments to the bylaws, leading to various adjustments to the language of the proposed amendments;

Whereas, the Governmental Advisory Committee has stated in its Montréal communiqué that the proposed amendments to the bylaws, as adjusted in the discussions, address its concerns regarding the ccNSO structure and procedures;

Whereas, the ccTLD managers have stated in their Montréal communiqué support for the proposed amendments to the bylaws as adjusted;

Whereas, in discussions at the ICANN Public Forum on 25 June 2003, several representatives of ccTLD managers and regional groups of ccTLD managers expressed their support for the proposed amendments to the bylaws as adjusted;

Whereas, the Board is satisfied that proposed amendments to the bylaws as adjusted are broadly supported in the community of ccTLD managers and other affected parties, and that their adoption will help ICANN fulfill its mission by bringing into the ICANN process meaningful participation of ccTLD managers, which represent a very important segment of the Internet community;

Resolved [03.106] that the Board adopts the amendments to the bylaws shown in Appendix A to these minutes; and

Further resolved [03.107] that on behalf of the Internet community the Board expresses its deep appreciation to the members of the ccNSO Assistance Group and other ccTLD managers, as well as the Governmental Advisory Committee and others in the community who participated in the discussions, for their vital assistance on achieving this important milestone in ICANN's evolution.

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