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2003-03-12 - ccTLD Delegate to Nominating Committee

Resolution of the ICANN Board
Nominating Committee

Board appoints Anthony Staley as the ccTLD delegate to the NomCom.

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Wed, 12 Mar 2003
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Whereas, Article XX, Section 4 of the bylaws states that, until the Country-Code Names Supporting Organization is established, the delegate to the Nominating Committee what would be selected by that organization shall be appointed by the Transition Board (or New Board, after it is seated) "after due consultation with members of the ccTLD community;"

Whereas, on 4 March 2003 a Call for Suggestions for ccTLD Delegates to Nominating Committee was sent by e-mail to all ccTLD administrative contacts and posted on the ICANN website;

Whereas, various Board members canvassed ccTLD managers for suggestions as to delegates;

Whereas, the initial Nominating Committee is being formed, so that delegates should be named soon;

Whereas, the Board has reviewed the suggestions that were received, and concludes that Anthony Staley is very well qualified to serve as the ccTLD delegate to the Nominating Committee;

Resolved [03.21] that Anthony Staley is appointed to serve as the delegate to the Nominating Committee in the position designated to be filled by the Country-Code Names Supporting Organization after it is established.
(The Board approved the above resolution by a 14-0-0 vote.)

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