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2003-01-20 - Interim At-Large Advisory Committee

Resolution of the ICANN Board
Interim At Large Advisory Committee

Board selects ten individuals to serve on the Interim At Large Advisory Committee.

ICANN Structures
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Mon, 20 Jan 2003
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Whereas, Article XX, Section 7(5)(a) of the New Bylaws that went into effect on 15 December 2002 provides for the establishment of an Interim At-Large Advisory Committee, to serve until such time as ICANN recognizes, through the entry of a Memorandum of Understanding, the Regional At-Large Organizations (RALOs) identified in Article XI, Section 2(4) of the New Bylaws;

Whereas, Article XX, Section 7(5)(a) of the New Bylaws provides that the Interim At-Large Advisory Committee shall initially be composed of ten individuals (two from each ICANN region) selected by the ICANN Board following nominations by the At-Large Organizing Committee (with the later addition of five additional individuals selected by the Nominating Committee);

Whereas, the At-Large Organizing Committee has provided a list of nominees for the Interim At-Large Advisory Committee by letter on 9 December 2002 and supplemented on 6, 9, 16, and 17 January 2003;

Resolved [03.07] that the Board selects the following ten individuals to serve as members of the Interim At-Large Advisory Committee:African Region
Pierre Dandjinou (Benin)
Clement Dzidonu (Ghana)

Asia/Pacific Region
Izumi Aizu (Japan)
Xue Hong (China)

European Region
Vittorio Bertola (Italy)
Thomas Roessler (Germany)

Latin America/Caribbean Region
Erick Iriarte Ahon (Peru)
Sebastián Ricciardi (Argentina)

North American Region
Esther Dyson (United States)
Wendy Seltzer (United States)
(The Board approved the above resolution by a 15-0-0 vote.)

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