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2002-12-15 - Amendment of New Bylaws

Resolution of the ICANN Board
Amendment of New Bylaws

Board amends the New Bylaws as specified in the attached Appendix.

Administration and Budget
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周日, 15 十二月 2002
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Whereas, in resolution 02.116 the Board adopted new bylaws of the Corporation, such new bylaws to become effective upon adoption of a Transition Article that will govern the transition to the structure, policies, processes, and procedures contemplated in the new bylaws;

Whereas, at the time of adoption of resolution 02.116, members of the Board raised issues concerning a few of the provisions of the bylaws that the Board referred to the Committee on ICANN Evolution and Reform for further study;

Whereas, a few other technical errors have been discovered in the text of the new bylaws as adopted;

Whereas, on 8 December 2002 the Committee on ICANN Evolution and Reform recommended revisions to the bylaws to address the issues referred to it and to correct the technical errors;

Whereas, the recommended revisions were posted on the ICANN website;

Resolved [02.146] that the new bylaws adopted in resolution 02.116 are amended, prior to their becoming effective, by revising Article IV, Section 2(16); Article IV, Section 3(12); Article X, Section 3(1); Article X, Section 4(2); and Article XI, Section 6 as shown in the attached Appendix A.

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