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2002-06-28 - IDN Committee

Resolution of the ICANN Board
IDN Committee extension

Board delays termination of IDN Committee.

Meeting Date: 
周五, 28 六月 2002
Resolution Number: 
02.88, 02.89
Implementation Actions: 
  • None
Resolution Text: 

Whereas, the ICANN Internationalized Domain Name (IDN) Committee has completed work on a set of policy papers relating to the potential introduction of non-ASCII characters to the DNS, including most recently its discussion papers on Non-ASCII Top-Level Domain Policy Issues and Registry Selection Considerations for Non-ASCII Top-Level Domains;

Whereas the IDN Committee has submitted to the Board a Final Report on its activities, meeting its anticipated deadline of 30 June 2002;

Whereas the IDN Committee's documents have generated and benefited from significant substantive feedback from various interested organizations, experts, and users;

Whereas the Board has begun consideration of the substance and implications of the IDN Committee's papers and final report, but is not yet prepared to determine its next steps in this area;

It is resolved [02.88] that the Board conveys its sincere thanks to the members of the ICANN IDN Committee for their diligent work and valuable contributions: Masanobu Katoh (Chair), Mouhamet Diop, Patrik Faltstrom, Qiheng Hu, John Klensin, Sang-Hyon Kyong, Stuart Lynn, Elisabeth Porteneuve, Mohd Sharil Tarmizi, and Vincent Wen-Sung Chen; and thanks Andrew McLaughlin and David Thompson for their staff support; and

Further resolved [02.89] that the Board asks the members of the IDN Committee to delay the Committee's formal termination until the conclusion of the October ICANN meeting in Shanghai, so that the committee can continue to monitor developments in the IETF, review further community feedback on its discussion papers and Final Report, and be available to advise the Board as needed in the area of internationalized domain names.

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