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2002-01-21 - Relationships with Root Nameserver Operators

Resolution of the ICANN Board
MoUs with Root Nameservers

Board authorizes President to enter into MoUs with organizations operating the root nameservers.

Root Zone
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周一, 21 一月 2002
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  • None
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(The following resolution approved 14-1-1, with Mr. Mueller-Maguhn opposed and Mr. Schink abstaining)Whereas, one of the steps necessary to progress in the ongoing transition to private-sector management, within the ICANN framework, of the domain-name system is entering into agreements between ICANN and the root-nameserver operators that formalize stable, secure, and professional operation of the root nameservers;

Whereas, in discussions with the individual root-nameserver operators participating on the Root Server System Advisory Committee (RSSAC) agreement has been reached on a model Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) that would, with variations to account for individual circumstances, achieve an apporopriate framework of commitments;

Whereas, the participation of the operators on the RSSAC brings to ICANN extremely valuable expert guidance on the coordination and operation of the root-nameserver system, and the model MoU secures for ICANN this valuable assistance;

Whereas, the model MOU has been presented to the Board and the President has recommended that the Board grant authority to enter into MoUs with the operator's organziations according to that model;

Whereas, moving forward with entering these MoUs is a necessary step to progress with the transition, which is one of ICANN's key purposes;

Whereas, the Board also finds that it is necessary and appropriate to authorize entry of the MoUs to acheive the ICANN's goals and purposes;

Resolved [02.08] the President is authorized to enter into MoUs with the organizations operating the root nameservers in substantially the form of the model MoU presented to the Board.

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