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2001-11-15 - IDN Committee

Resolution of the ICANN Board
IDN Committee

Board appoints members of IDN committee, designates budget, and directs committee to provide work plan.

Meeting Date: 
周四, 15 十一月 2001
Resolution Number: 
01.118, 01.119, 01.120
Implementation Actions: 
  • Designate budget for IDN Committee work.
    • Responsible entity: Board
    • Due date: None provided
    • Completion date: 15 November 2001
  • Present work plan, schedule, and additional proposed members.
    • Responsible entity: President, IDN Committee Chair
    • Due date: 14 December 2001
    • Completion date: 14 December 2001
Resolution Text: 

Whereas in resolution 01.94 the Board established the IDN Committee to serve as a general coordination body for the work on policy issues identified in the IDN Working Group Report presented at the ICANN Public Forum held in Montevideo on 9 September 2001;

Whereas in resolution 01.98 the President was directed, in consultation with IDN Committee Chair Masanobu Katoh, to propose for approval by the Board representatives to serve on the IDN Committee from the ICANN Board, the Supporting Organizations, the Governmental Advisory Committee, and such other individuals who in his judgment could meaningfully contribute to this effort;

Whereas in resolution 01.100 the IDN Committee was requested to present its initial work plan, schedule, and proposed budget for approval by the Board at this Annual Meeting,

Whereas the President, after consultation with the community, has proposed the following individuals to serve on the IDN Committee: Director Sang-Hyon Kyong, Patrik Falstrom (IETF), Vincent Wen-Sung Chen (TWNIC), Qiheng Hu (Internet Society of China), Mohd Sharil Tarmizi (GAC Vice Chair), and Stuart Lynn (ICANN CEO), and reports that he is still in the process of identifying other individuals who could meaningfully contribute to this effort;

Whereas the President and the Chair of the IDN Committee expect that the final work plan will include a schedule for the Committee to complete its work by 30 June 2002;

Resolved [01.118] that the individuals proposed by the President are hereby appointed as members of the IDN Committee;

Further resolved [01.119] that the President is authorized to spend up to US$100,000 for staff, travel, and other expenses for the support of the IDN Committee, subject to adjustment upon the submission and approval by the Board of a work plan and schedule;

Further resolved [01.120] that the President and the Chair of the IDN Committee are directed to present a work plan and schedule, and any additional proposed members, for approval by the Board at its next Board meeting.

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