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2001-03-13 - New TLD Agreements

Resolution of the ICANN Board
New gTLDs

Board authorizes the President and General Counsel to finalize negotiations with new TLD operators, enter agreements, and implement the agreements.

Meeting Date: 
Tue, 13 Mar 2001
Resolution Number: 
01.24, 01.25, 01.26, 01.27
Implementation Actions: 
  • Negotiate, enter, and implement new TLD agreements.
    • Responsible entity: President and General Counsel
    • Due date: None provided
    • Completion date: 3 May 2002 (Effective date of the dot-pro registry agreement; the seventh/final new TLD agreement)
Resolution Text: 

Whereas, in resolution 00.89 the Board selected seven proposals to operate or sponsor top-level domains for negotiations toward appropriate agreements between ICANN and the registry operator or sponsoring organization;

Whereas, in resolution 00.90 the Board authorized the President and General Counsel to conduct those negotiations on behalf of ICANN and, subject to further Board approval or ratification, to enter into appropriate agreements;

Whereas, the base agreements have been negotiated with the four selected unsponsored top-level domain registry operators (NeuLevel, Afilias, Global Name Registry, and RegistryPro);

Whereas, the base agreements and many of the associated appendices, as completed and agreed by the negotiators, have been posted for public comment;

Whereas, the Board has received a presentation from the General Counsel and the proponents on the progress and results of their negotiations;

Whereas, comments from the public have been received on a web-based public comment forum and at a Public Forum held on 12 March 2001;

Whereas, the Board has considered the posted agreement and appendices, the presentations, and public comments and finds that approval of the agreements is necessary and appropriate to further ICANN's purposes;

It is therefore

Resolved [01.24] that the President and General Counsel are authorized and requested to complete negotiation of the remaining unsponsored top-level domain appendices as soon as feasible and to post the resulting appendices on the ICANN web site, along with any minor corrections or adjustments to the base agreement and appendices as already posted;

Resolved [01.25] that the Board shall be notified of the complete posting of the agreement and appendices for any of the four unsponsored top-level domains (.biz, .info, .name, and .pro) and after that notification seven days shall be allowed for Board members to make any additional comments to the President and General Counsel;

Resolved [01.26] that in the absence of the request of any Board member to the contrary based on policy considerations, the President is authorized to sign the posted agreements after the conclusion of those seven days; and

Resolved [01.27] that upon signature of the agreements the President is authorized to take such actions, including causing reports to be made to the United States Department of Commerce, as appropriate to implement the agreements.

Additional Information: 
  • Funding: resolution 00.48 provided for "a non-refundable fee of USD $50,000 for the submission of an application to become a sponsor or operator of a registry, which the Board finds is a reasonable estimate of ICANN's costs likely to be associated with receipt and evaluation of such applications, and follow-up."
  • The Archived Registry Agreements are available at: http://www.icann.org/en/registries/agreements-archive.htm