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2001-03-13 - DNSO Review

Resolution of the ICANN Board
DNSO review, Names Council

Board seeks further community input on DNSO Restructuring.

ICANN Structures
Meeting Date: 
Tue, 13 Mar 2001
Resolution Number: 
01.28, 01.29
Implementation Actions: 
  • Separate DNSO proposals into: operation improvements and changes in function.
    • Responsible entity: Names Council
    • Due date: None provided
    • Completion date: 15 November 2001
Resolution Text: 


The Board has received the DNSO Review report from the Names Council, and other materials on the subject.

The Board also is informed that the Names Council has planned to address the results of the review in its business plan for 2001, beginning with an interim committee to establish terms of reference for further action.

Therefore it is resolved that:

[Resolution 01.28] The Board asks the Names Council and other sources to separate their proposals into those that improve operations of the DNSO as it is constituted today and those which may result in changes in the structure of the DNSO and/or major changes in its functioning.

[Resolution 01.29] The Board encourages input related to changes that improve operations of the DNSO as it is constituted today no later than 16 April 2001. Further Board action on the basis of that input will be scheduled at the end of that period.

Additional Information: 
  • Board established a Restructuring Committee to consider DNSO issues on 15 November 2001 at: http://www.icann.org/en/minutes/minutes-15nov01.htm.
  • The responsibilities of the DNSO were taken over by the GNSO in 2003.
  • The resolution does not address funding for the items identified therein.