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Resolution of the ICANN Board
DNSO, Names Council, Constituencies formed

Board provisionally recognizes DNSO Constituencies and creates Names Council.

ICANN Structures
Meeting Date: 
Thu, 27 May 1999
Resolution Number: 
99.32, 99.33, 99.34, 99.35, 99.36, 99.37, 99.38, 99.39
Implementation Actions: 
  • Submit application for non-commercial domain name holders constituency
    • Responsible entity: NCDNHC organizers
    • Due date: 21 June 1999
    • Completion date: 26 August 1999
Resolution Text: 

RESOLVED (Resolution 99.31), that the following Constituencies (as defined in Article VI-B of the Bylaws) are provisionally recognized until the annual meeting of the Board in 1999, to operate in accordance with the proposals received by the Corporation and ordered attached to these minutes:

  • ccTLD registries
  • Commercial and business entities
  • gTLD registries
  • Intellectual property
  • ISPs and connectivity providers
  • Registrars

FURTHER RESOLVED (Resolution 99.32), that the President of the Corporation is directed to work with the Constituencies to amend their proposals to address deficiencies noted by the Board, which amended proposals must include a commitment of the submitting Constituency to hold a new election of Names Council representatives promptly following the approval by the Board of such amended proposal.

FURTHER RESOLVED (Resolution 99.33), that, when such proposals are so amended, the Board should examine such proposals to determine whether the deficiencies have been satisfactorily addressed and whether to extend the recognition today made.

FURTHER RESOLVED (Resolution 99.34), that the Names Council representatives chosen by the provisionally recognized Constituencies shall constitute the provisional Names Council, with all the powers set forth in the Bylaws other than the selection of ICANN Directors (pursuant to Section 2(e) of Article VI-B of the Bylaws), which selection powers will be deferred until such time as the Board determines it has made sufficient final recognitions.

FURTHER RESOLVED (Resolution 99.35), that the Board requests that the Constituency for gTLD registries agree, for so long as Network Solutions is the only participant in such Constituency, to select only one individual (rather than three) to represent that Constituency on the provisional Names Council, and the Board states that if such Constituency does not agree to make only one such selection, the Board will amend the Bylaws to effectuate such goal.

FURTHER RESOLVED (Resolution 99.36), that the phrase "except with the consent of the Board" shall be inserted after the twenty-first word of Section 3(c) of Article VI-B of the Bylaws.

FURTHER RESOLVED (Resolution 99.37), that the Board considers geographic diversity to be an important requirement that should be met promptly, but consents to waiver of the Names Council geographic diversity requirement of Article VI-B(3)(c) of the Bylaws, for the period of provisional recognition only.

FURTHER RESOLVED (Resolution 99.38), the Board determines that no proposal to create a non-commercial domain name holders Constituency has yet been submitted that is appropriate for recognition.

FURTHER RESOLVED (Resolution 99.39), with the recognition that the interests represented by a non-commercial domain name holders Constituency should be involved as early as possible in the DNSO organization process, the Board urges that the organizers of this Constituency should submit a consensus application for provisional recognition as soon as possible, so that the issue of recognition can be reconsidered by the Board no later than an anticipated meeting during the week of June 21 so that representatives of this Constituency can join the provisional Names Council.
The Directors then discussed whether an additional Constituency for individual domain name holders should be added to the initial seven Constituencies called for in the ICANN Bylaws--an addition supported by some commentators (including some remote, online participants) at the May 26 public meeting. Some Directors expressed concern that some individual domain name holders may not be adequately represented by the Initial Constituencies.

The Board noted that ICANN had announced that no applications for additional constituencies would be considered until the original constituencies it had established in Singapore were constituted. There was also general consensus that whether a DNSO constituency for individuals should be established could be affected by how the At-Large membership was structured and operated. Given this, the Board decided to defer consideration of this proposal until a later date.

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